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Chapter 30 What Am

I Inferior to Her

The C city looks particularly beautiful on summer nights. Row by row of tall buildings, busy streets and lanes, lights red wine green, everything seems quiet and comfortable.

The warm, moist evening breeze, with a hint of gardenia aroma, blows in the car window from outside. The Lamborghini is headed to the shantytown where Nina Morrison lives.

"Nina Morrison, I will give you ten minutes to say goodbye to your stepmother and your sister, and then get out right away!" Lucien Gray's tone is too harsh to refuse.

"Ten minutes? I have to pack my things." Nina looks at Lucien Gray unhappily. Her eyes were blue and purple and she looked miserable.

Lucien Gray is soft. His voice is still cold as ice, "Fifteen minutes. If it is longer than that, I can't sure what will happen."

You tyrant, devil, psycho, megalomaniac! Nina Morrison secretly curses, rolling her eyes at Lucien Gray.

"Nina Morrison, do not forget who you are!" Lucien Gray, noticing Nina's movements in the rear-view mirror, cautions coldly.

Nina Morrison sighs. Never mind, it is better not to challenge such an unreasonable people.

Lucien Gray pulls a satisfying smile from the corner of his mouth when she sees Nina Morrison not talking and says, "Women, you'd better to be well-behaved."

At the door of Nina's house, Lucien Gray frowns, "Nina Morrison, you live here?"

Although Ryan had reported to him that the Morrison family lived in low squatter settlements, Lucien Gray had no idea that the environment of the squatter settlements would be so bad. The sewage is everywhere, the garbage is piled up and flies are buzzing around. This can't be a place for people to live!

Nina Morrison, glancing down Lucien Gray's eyes at the squalid, low shantytown, shrugs and smiles, "Where does President Gray think I should live? In a five-star hotel? Or in a villa at the seaside?"

Lucien Gray's tall body stands out in the slums and his Lamborghini catches the eye of passers-by.

"Aunt Lauren, your daughter brought a rich man back!" Outside the door, a fat housewife shouts to Nina's stepmother.

Lucien Gray frowns. The stench of the dump passes and he is dying of the smell.

"Nina Morrison, go and say goodbye. I will give you 15 minutes."

His words have not finished and Doris Lauren and Grace have come out. Grace seldom comes back and just gets home today. Hearing Nina brought a rich man back, she hurries out to look on.

Seeing Lamborghini outside, Grace's eyes are lit up. Next to Lamborghini stands a tall, proud man with a handsome face. The air of a king is around him everywhere. He is--isn't he Lucien Gray?

Grace is so jealous that she goes crazy in her heart. She calculates everything for herself and is finally beaten by Nina.

Lucien Gray has seen her. Will he recognize her? If he does, maybe that night's story will be revealed! If Lucien Gray goes on, it is not hard to know that Nina Morrison is the one slept with him that night!

Grace peers nervously at Lucien Gray.

Nina Morrison has to introduce him to her stepmother and her sister, "Aunt Lauren, sister, this is Lucien Gray. I borrowed money from him for dad's medication."

Borrowed? Lauren sneers. You sold yourself to him! Why is this naughty girl so lucky to meet Lucien Gray?

Lucien Gray has no taste and such blind to throw her out of the office the other day, but likes this stupid girl!

Lucien Gray does not look at Doris and her daughter at all. He is not interested in this kind of slum women!

With a cold nod, Lucien Gray returns to the car. He is unable to breathe because of the stench of the rubbish heap!