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In fact, she kept calling him just because of the thing happened last night. If they didn't talk along the way, the atmosphere of silence would be particularly weird.

No matter what, that kind of thing happened to the two of them. They both felt like two buddies slept together.

Alice didn't understand her first feeling after being awake in the morning. She knew what happened last night, but she didn't hate it, nor regret when she knew it was Ben.

It was the first time in her life, Ben. Thank god you hadn't hurt her since you were young.

How did Alice know what did Ben think?

He could push her away last night, but he didn't. He felt that he had made a mistake, and he felt deep guilt towards her.

At the school, Alice hadn't woke up. The girl's ability to stand to sleep was practiced on the back seat of his bicycle.

"Do you still want to sleep?" Ben's deep voice passed to Alice's ears clearly even though it was noisy in the campus.

Alice echoed lazily on his shoulder. "Yeah."

Ben got off the bicycle. And Alice was like a twin baby, sticking to his back.

Ben turned around to take off the schoolbag on her back, and then carry her schoolbag on his chest, and then turned around and bent forward slightly. Alice was familiar with this. As soon as she climbed up his chest, she lay on his back comfortably, allowing him to carry her to the classroom all the time.

The classmates had got used to this long ago, and was not surprise at this.

How many mornings were such a scene that Ben carried two schoolbags on his chest, and behind him was a sleeping Alice.

Even the teachers and principal were tired of talking about them, because no matter how many times they asked, Ben always gave the same answer, "Alice's broken her legs."

Ben carried Alice all the way to the classroom, and met Molly who was waiting for Ben.

Molly was Alice's best friend, and also the fiancee of Ben.

Every time Molly saw Ben's adoration for Alice, she was so angry, but she could not show it on her face.

She was afraid that Ben would ignore her directly.

Carrying a smile, and keeping the best condition, the sound is definitely sweet, "Alice didn't sleep well last night?"

In fact, she already saw what Alice tweeted in the morning. Ben felt that the ambiguity of the answer wouldn't make others think of something else. She did not know that everyone could think of what happened last night.

Ben didn't lift his eyes to Molly, just released the word, "um." and continued to walk forward.

She knew that if she did not care about Alice, Ben would not even communicate with her.

So it was the scene like this, Ben carried Alice, followed by Molly.

Molly wanted to please Ben. But in this campus, Ben seemed to only see Alice, and the others are transparent to him.

Molly had to take the initiative to approach, "May I help you get your schoolbag?"

After saying this, her hands had begun to reach out.

Ben turned around and avoided, "No." There was no room for negotiation.

"You would be tired, I think..."

Before Molly finished her words, she was interrupted by Ben coldly,

"Don't talk, it will wake her up."

At this time, no one will speak again. How much he hated her, and how much he loved Alice? Even when she said something, he was afraid that would wake her up.