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Nina Morrison has been running around all day and has interviews with four companies. It's really unlucky recently that the interview goes well, but she never gets more messages afterwards.

Nina Morrison wonders if someone is playing tricks behind her back.

It's already night when she gets home. Tired and hungry, Nina Morrison opens the door, kicks off her heels and tosses herself into the couch.

The phone rings, and she doesn't bother to get up to pick it up.

But the phone is persistently ringing. Finally, Nina Morrison couldn't stand it any more. She gets up from the sofa and goes to the door to get her bag. Her heart gives a violent bound when she sees the name on the screen.

Lucien Gray.

It is the first time he has called her actively in more than a week.

Nina Morrison puts her finger on the edge of the screen, she hesitates to hung up or answer it.

After a while, Lucien Gray hangs up. The phone becomes dead silence again.

Nina Morrison breathes a sigh of relief. She is about to return to the couch when the phone rings again. It is Lucien Gray again.

No hesitation this time, Nina Morrison doesn't know what she's thinking, and her finger has already swept and unlocked the screen.

"Tomorrow is Nelson's birthday. At The Violet Hotel. Come here early!" No superfluous greetings, Lucien Gray's tone is almost imperative.

Nina Morrison is too tired to talk. But his words make her angry, "Lucien Gray, who are you commanding? I am not your subordinate, nor your friend, nor anyone of you, You have no right to command me!"

"All right, don't be such a baby. Please come tomorrow. Nelson has been looking forward to it for a long time.That day you said you wouldn't come to his birthday party, he cried until midnight. His eyes are swollen like walnuts. Please come and surprise him tomorrow.

Nina Morrison is surprised that Lucien Gray doesn't quarrel with her. His voice sounds deeply tired, and it is more tired than her running around all day.

Somehow Nina Morrison is softhearted. While scolding herself for her lack of decision and dignity, she still promises Lucien Gray.

It really breaks her heart to know that Nelson has cried until midnight. It has nothing to do with Lucien Gray that she promises to go to the birthday party!

Nina Morrison persuades herself with this reason.

Nina Morrison is a little regretful. She should have let Sunny hand over the gift. It is more thoughtful to hand the gift to Nelson by herself.

But she is so tired. She doesn't want to go out and buy another gift. She can just come to Sunny and ask the present back tomorrow.

Nina Morrison doesn't have dinner. She takes a bath and goes to bed.

The Violet Hotel is distant from where Nina Morrison lives. The birthday party is at 12 o'clock. Nina Morrison oversleeps and wakes up at 10. After the quick change of clothes and light make-up, she takes a taxi and rushes for The Violet Hotel.

As the car drive to The Violet Hotel, Nina Morrison sees a woman. Her eyes freeze suddenly.

That woman is wearing a tight black and short package hip skirt. Her long hair waves down to her waist. Her red lips and long eyelashes make her look like Grace Lauren from the side.

Nina Morrison leans over, wanting to look more. But the woman and her male companion turn into a roadside cafe and disappear.

Nina Morrison sighs. She couldn't be Grace Lauren. She should be living a life of drunkenness in America now.

After all these years, Nina Morrison doesn't hate her anymore. If she meets her on the street, she would smile and just pass by.

Outside The Violet Hotel, the lawn and square are decorated with many inflatable cartoon dolls. The song of Happy Birthday rises to the sky with the fountain. Many beautifully dressed children walk in holding their parents' hands. It looks like Lucien Gray has invited a lot of Nelson's friends. Inside, there is a three-man-tall teddy bear sitting in the middle hall, and a group of children gathers around to take pictures. Everywhere is full of happiness. Nina Morrison couldn't help smiling. Nelson's birthday party is so grand and ceremonious. Lucien Gray really loves Nelson.