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For two days, Lucien Gray doesn't contact Nina Morrison.

Nina Morrison really wants to see Nelson at the hospital and spend time with him. She also wants to ask Lucien Gray about the result of paternity test. But thinking what happened in the ward that day, she doesn't have the courage to contact him.

She is annoyed until afternoon. The phone which has been silent for a long time finally rings up.

Lucien Gray is calling? Is it about the result of the paternity test? Nina Morrison jumps up from the couch. She answers the phone without looking at it, "Hello?"

Her voice is filled with expectancy and nervousness.

"Nina, I'm going back to Albany. You are welcome to Albany if you have time." Andrew Williams's soft and tender voice comes out from the phone, with a hint of affection.

Nina Morrison doesn't get it at all. She bites her lips and says with disappointment, "Okay. Andrew, farewell."

Before she finishes saying goodbye, another call appears on her phone screen. Nina Morrison looks up. It's Lucien Gray.

She explains to Andrew Williams in a hurry, "Andrew, I have an important call coming in. Shall we talk later?"

Andrew Williams reacts quickly, "All right. Answer that call. We'll talk later."

"Hello?" Nina Morrison's voice is hoarse because of tension.

"Are you at home? I'm in the cafe near your home. Come out. I have something to tell you." Lucien Gray sound light without any emotion.

Nina Morrison can't wait, "Is it about the paternity test? Can you tell me the result first?"

Why would he keep her guessing? Besides, she doesn't want to see him now.

"Talk when we meet." Lucien Gray drops a sentence and hangs up.

Nina Morrison is angry. She has no choice but to change her clothes and go out.

Arriving at the cafe, Lucien Gray is wearing a casual dark blue T-shirt and jeans. He sits by the window. But what happened? Next to him is Jasmine Harris?

Nina Morrison feels confused. She walks to them as calmly as possible.

This time Jasmine Harris completely tears off her pretense of grace and modesty. She doesn't say hi to Nina Morrison. Her beautiful big eyes sweep her up and down with chill, then she turns away to look at the street scene.

"What is it?" Asks Nina Morrison. She sees Jasmine Harris's tiny hand resting on Lucien Gray's arm. They anger rolls over in her heart. She sits on the seat unceremoniously.

What does he mean? He takes Jasmine Harris and then asks her out. Does he want to embarrass her on purpose?

Lucien Gray glares at Nina Morrison and throws her a paper bag, "This is the result of paternity test. Have a look."

Finally! Nina Morrison's heart thumps as she looks at Lucien Gray's face, as if she is naked and waiting for a trial.

Her trembling fingers open the envelope and take out several sheets of paper.

After a long column of figures, there is a bold sentence, "After analyzing the pattern results of 21 fluorescent STR loci, there are 9 loci between Nina Morrison (pseudomother) and Gray Nelson (son) that do not conform to the genetic rule. Rule out the biological relationship between Nina Morrison and Gray Nelson."

Nina Morrison reads this short sentence over and over again. She doesn't get it.

Tears well up in her eyes. She holds the paper and looks at Lucien Gray miserably, "What does this mean?"

The similar appearance, the love and care without any reason, and the slight telepathy...All of these are false? All of these are just her own fantasy?

Tears burst through her eyes and flow freely on her fair face. Nina Morrison still open her eyes wide stubbornly and looks at Lucien Gray with irrational hope, hoping that he would tell her that it is not true.

Lucien Gray looks at Nina Morrison's red eyes and red nose. An emotion in his eyes flashes away instantly. The corners of his mouth are slightly pursed.

Jasmine Harris can't stand Nina Morrison's delicate looking, "Can't you? You have nothing to do with Nelson! Birth mother, what a fantasy!"

Jasmine Harris's words are the last straw that breaks the camel's back. Nina Morrison is utterly crushed. She sits down, pinching her sharp nails into the texture of her palms, feeling no pain.

Why would he give her a chance to have this dream? Why she wake up so soon? Had she known this, he might as well not gives her any hope!

"All right, Lucien, she is notified. Let's go. You promised to pick the engagement ring for me." Jasmine Harris clings to Lucien Gray's arm and shakes it.

Lucien Gray nods and asks the waiter to pick up the bill.

After paying the bill, the waiter sends over the newspaper, "The evening news just comes out, as a gift to you."

Lucien Gray glances at the evening paper. He is about to take Jasmine Harris out. Suddenly, his eyes freeze and he stares at the big picture on the front page.

Bold black letters catch people's eyes: Research is the excuse. The dean of Albany dean seeks pleasures in broad daylight. The photo of his mistress is made public.

On the high definition picture, a handsome and elegant man is looking at a woman smiling shyly. Everyone can understand the tenderness and love in that man's eyes, and the woman's smile is also very gentle and sweet.

They are Andrew Williams and Nina Morrison.