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Nina Morrison opens her eyes widely with anticipation, "Lucien, is it any information about my daughter? Where is she? Would you come with me to look for her?"

Her voice trembles with excitement.

Lucien Gray doesn't answer her right away, but magically takes an envelope from his back, and hands it to her smilingly, "Nina, the answer is in the envelope. Open it and you will know everything."

Nina Morrison takes a deep breath to steady herself and opens the envelope lightly.

In the envelope, there is a page of inspection report. Nina Morrison opens it and her hand shakes immediately. Lucien Gray gives her a parental certificate! The parental certificate between she and Nelson!

The former "exclude the biological relationship between Nina Morrison and Nelson Gray" changes into "confirm the biological relationship between Nina Morrison and Nelson Gray" this time!

Nina Morrison looks at the bold black words over and over again, tears welling up in her eyes, unable to wipe them totally, "Lucien, what does it mean? What does it mean?"

Lucien Gray looks at her incoherent speech and rubs her hair indulgently, "Silly girl, that's what you see. Nelson is our son."

What? Sunny exclaims, "Lucien! Nelson is the son of you and Nina? Doesn't Nina have a daughter?"

Lucien Gray shakes his head and holds Nina Morrison, who stares at the parental result, in his arms, "Nina doesn't give birth to a daughter. Grace Lauren lied to her. I have investigated in the hospital of Chicago. This parental report has explained everything!"

Nelson! Nelson is really her son! There is no daughter, Nelson is her only baby! Laughing and crying, Nina Morrison holds Lucien Gray and cries out loud.

How could she not trust her maternal instincts? The connection between her and Nelson, how could she make a mistake?

Nina Morrison looks up at Lucien Gray's face with tears in her eyes and feels relieved. It turns out that the man she met at that night is Lucien Gray! The fate connecting he and she has already been set by god! After so many years going around, she and he can still meet each other!

Nina Morrison swoops into his arms, choking up to say, "Lucien! well... that night, Grace Lauren called me to the T.S. club...Room 1806... I..."

Lucien Gray holds her tightly, his voice is full of guilty and regret, "Nina, I know. I know. After the parental report coming out, I sent someone to investigate. It was you who came into room 1806 that night. Nina, it's my fault that I didn't remember you. I thought you were like all the other women..."

All kinds of feelings well up in Lucien Gray's heart. When he doesn't mind Nina Morrison's past, he suddenly finds that he is Nina's first and only man. The divine arrangement is so magical that he is filled with awe and gratitude for the fate.

Thank god he doesn't miss Nina. Thank god, he finally meets Nina.

After she calms down a bit, Nina Morrison explodes with anger and tugs Lucien Gray by the collar, "Lucien Gray! So you already know! Why did you lie to me last time that Nelson wasn't my son? Do you know how I spent those days? You bastard!"

Lucien Gray looks deep into her eyes, "Nina, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have kept this from you for so long. I just worries that Jasmine Harris would find out about this, and she might do something bad to you. So I have to keep it a secret. Will you forgive me?"

Nina Morrison pushes him away. Yes, Lucien Gray is right, but she's still feeling uncomfortable.

When Nelson needs accompany and care the most, she is there but doesn't take care of him. What a failed mother she is!

Sunny sees Lucien Gray's eyes also become slightly red, so she comes over to mediate, "Nina, Lucien really has a reason. Seeing he has arranged such a grand proposal ceremony for you, please forgive him this time!"