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Anne Gray opens the door and sees Nina Morrison get her hand against the wall, stand on one leg with a red bruise on her knee. Then she smirks, "Oh, Nina, what happened? Tumble down? Be careful. Are you used to the concrete floor, and you can't get used to walking on our carpet?"

Nina Morrison is speechless. Anne Gray is 25. How could she be so childish and brainless?

Staring at the smirk on the corner of her lips, Nina Morrison says seriously, "Anne Gray, put that childish trick away! I'll let you go this time, and if you do it again, I'll make you homeless!"

"Homeless? LOL!" Anne Gray laughs, "I'm the true daughter of Gray Family. You're a mistress who comes out of nowhere, and you want to get rid of me? Don't be so overconfident!"

Nina Morrison crosses her arms in front of her chest, "Anne Gray, I'm only going to tell you this once. If you don't have enough intelligence, don't try to harm people. What if it wasn't me up the stairs today, what if it was Paige, what if it was Nelson? Nelson's eyes haven't recovered. He can feel his way to walk, if he falls down the stairs today. Do you think your brother will let you go?"

Anne Gray hasn't thought about this. She despises Nina Morrison, but Nelson is her nephew and she loves him.

She hears Nina Morrison's words, her eyes flickers, but she still keeps up her momentum, "Nothing happens to Nelson. Nina Morrison, I'm telling you frankly, you're the one I'm trying to kill! I just don't like you. If you have some self-knowledge, you should get out of our house as soon as possible!"

Nina Morrison laughs angrily, "You don't like me, does it matter to me? You are not eligible to ask me to go out!"

Anne Gray wants to speak more, but Nina Morrison points her index finger to her nose, "Anne Gray, shut up! Your boyfriend's name is Francis, right? The second generation of Sunshine Real Estate, right? How do you think he would react if I hand him the recording?"

Anne Gray's face takes on a different expression, "Recording, what recording?"

Nina Morrison lifts her phone, "Just now, it seemed that you and a man said something in the room that maybe Francis doesn't like to hear. While I happens to hear all of them and has recorded it on my phone."

Nina Morrison is only fooling Anne Gray, but she takes it seriously. She rushes at her to grab the phone.

Nina Morrison, who is already unsteady on her feet, almost falls when she comes to her.

Nina Morrison grabs a hold of the wall to keep straight, "Anne Gray, I've wirelessly synchronized my recording to the mailbox. If you lay a finger on me today, I'll go back and send the recording to Francis!"

Anne Gray pauses, her face turning from white to green to white. She watches Nina Morrison like seeing the devil in hell.

Nina Morrison smiles. She used to hate threats from Lucien Gray, but now she knows it works!

It is only now that she realizes that the woman she heard moaning on the second floor must have been Anne Gray!

This sister-in-law, is really annoying!

Anne Gray rolls her eyes several times before softening her voice, "Nina Morrison, let's make a deal. In the future, I won't give you a hard time, but you have to send me the recording and delete all the backups!"

Nina Morrison cocks her head and smiles, "Why? How do I know whether you'll regret when you get the recording?"

Watching Nina Morrison cocks her head and pretends to be innocent, Anne Gray almost vomits blood.

She stares at Nina Morrison fiercely, and couldn't speak a word.

Nina Morrison gets her revenge and feels extremely relieved, "Well, I'm not going to mess up with you. After all, you're Nelson's aunt and you love him. As long as you behave yourself in the future, I promise you that I won't let the recording out. You will marry Francis successfully and have children and live a happy life."

Anne Gray nods helplessly, "Nina Morrison, if you cheat me, you will die a horrible death! You will fall down to the eighteen hells!"

Nina Morrison shows a relaxed smile, "Ok, a deal is a deal!"