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After driving for nearly an hour, the car finally stops.

An elderly butler comes and opens the door for Lucien Gray, "Young master, little young master, young lady, young lady, dinner is ready, the chairman is waiting for you in the dining room."

He speaks and gives Nina Morrison a sharp look, which makes Nina Morrison a little chilly.

Lucien Gray walks into the restaurant with his wife, child and sister. Grandfather Gray has already waiting at the table.

The long, wide dining table is decorated with beautiful flowers and delicate silver cutlery, and the cold dishes are all served. The dishes look delicious and fancy.

However, this extremely beautiful image makes the figure of Grandfather Gray waiting alone even lonelier.

"You come. Wash your hands and have a seat!" Grandfather Gray is still grave and dignified, but his eyes are warm as he looks at Nina Morrison and Nelson.

Nelson throws himself into Grandfather Gray's arms adorably. He calls him "Great Grandpa" many times that makes Grandfather Gray grinning like a flower.

"Grandpa, after dinner, I will tell Jessica to pack up your luggage. Please come back to the house. Nelson talks about great grandpa every day!" Lucien Gray tries to persuade Grandfather Gray. Nina Morrison always feels a twinkle in his eyes, as if he is watching for something.

"All right." Grandfather Gray nods and sighs with emotion, "No matter how long I stay here, it won't make any difference."

The atmosphere is somber, and even Anne Gray, who is always annoying, eats quietly with her head down.

Nina Morrison has so many doubts in her mind but she can't tell what's wrong.

"Nina, I am so happy that you marry our Gray Family! The first time I saw you, I know you are a good girl!" Grandfather Gray suddenly changes the subject and looks at Nina Morrison.

Nina Morrison is a little embarrassed to be praised so much by the old man, "Grandpa, I'm very honored to be your granddaughter, too."

Lucien Gray bends his mouth and smiles at Nina Morrison.

This little woman is getting more and more talkative. Look how comfortable that sounds!

Grandfather Gray talks happily, "Nina, Lucien tells me all about you. You have suffered a lot and we will definitely make up for you!"

Nina Morrison is really embarrassed now. She does nothing. Why does Grandfather Gray talks like she is a hero?

She taps Lucien Gray's foot under the table lightly, indicating that he should come to the rescue.

Lucien Gray is too busy admiring Nina Morrison's embarrassment to help her out.

Only Anne Gray, she finishes her soup, slams the spoon onto the plate hard and let out a crisp sound.

Nina Morrison can only pretend to be nice and keep nodding her head.

Just at the moment of embarrassment, a panic-stricken voice comes from the second floor, "Madam, you can't go down! You can't go down!"'

Everyone is stunned. Lucien Gray jumps to his feet and rushes forward.

Nina Morrison looks up to the second floor and sees a figure. Her scalp feels cool and she almost screams when she sees that face clearly.

It is a woman. But what a woman that is! The entire face has no human shape, half of the scalp exposes, showing tangled and bright scar! The left eye has no eyelids, red eyeballs hanging on the outside, a nose with only two small black holes, and the lips are disfigured, revealing half its white gums.

It's totally a ghost from a living horror movie!

Nina Morrison instinctively covers Nelson's eyes, then remembers that Nelson is still wearing the patch. She calls the stunned Anne Gray, "Anne, take Nelson out!"

She doesn't know who this woman is, but the first thing she has to do is to protect her son.

Lucien Gray rushes up and grabs the woman's arm, "Go back! Don't frighten Nelson!"

The woman laughs and cries, her voice is hoarse and harsh, "Let me go! I'm not crazy! I'm not mad! You're crazy! All of you are crazy! I know Anne's here! I want to see Anne! Let go of me!"

Bodyguards from the Gray Family have arrived, together with Lucien Gray, they holds the disfigured woman and head down to the deep of the corridor.

The corridor is deep and the light is dim. Suddenly, the woman turns around, and her blood-red eyes meet Nina Morrison's eyes. The venom and hatred in her eyes make Nina Morrison break out in cold sweat.