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I arrived at the classroom the following morning, Zhao Yanyan was reading in her seat. What made me annoyed was that Liu Kesheng was actually sitting on my seat gesturing around while smiling.

The tiger's not getting mad so he's treating me like Hello Kitty? Sitting on my seat already made me really angry, what's worse was that it was my Zhao Yanyan that was sitting beside him. I walked over and slammed my hand onto the table, scaring Zhao Yanyan, who was reading intently, as well as the enraptured Liu Kesheng.

I remembered a classic quote from a movie, so I said to Liu Kesheng, "Liu Lei is angry, the results are severe." ()

Liu Kesheng gazed at me with deadly eyes, stood up, and said to me, "Liu Lei, you've done it! I'll remember this, just wait."

I smiled and replied, "Sure, I'll wait."

"Why did you get so angry?" seeing me sit down, Zhao Yanyan complained quietly.

"Of course I got angry, he was harassing our family's Yanyan, how could I not get angry?" I squeezed Zhao Yanyan's hand.

"Let go," Zhao Yanyan pulled away from my grip and said, "There are so many people in the classroom."

"Our family's Yanyan knows how to be embarrassed! I wonder who it was that asked to be hugged by others," I said.

"Oh wow Liu Lei, you're actually laughing at me! It was because of you that I nearly got scolded to death yesterday. Oh yeah, what do you mean your family's Yanyan? When did I belong to your family?" Zhao Yanyan said while blushing.

"You're definitely going to get married to me in the future, so of course you're my family's!" I said like it was a matter of fact.

"I'm going to ignore you, being so casual in the morning. I'm going to read," after saying so, Zhao Yanyan picked up her English textbook and started reading.

Not far away, Liu Kesheng saw that Zhao Yanyan and I were chatting and laughing, so he sent a sinister gaze over.

Seeing that Zhao Yanyan really started reading, I asked, "What are you reading?"

Zhao Yanyan replied without looking away from the textbook, "Ye-laoshi said that there'll be a test in the afternoon, so obviously I'm revising."

"Did you miss me yesterday?" I suddenly asked.

"En," Zhao Yanyan nodded without thinking, then immediately turned around and said, "What's with you, you're not studying and you're not letting others study. Being like that on the side, how can I remember stuff!"

Haha, I laughed. It seems like her reading actions earlier were forced. I said, "What's the point of studying?"

The moment these words left my mouth, Zhao Yanyan went silent. Only after a while, did she said to me in a serious ton, "Liu Lei, treat it like I'm begging you. Study hard for me. My family will definitely get me to apply to Huaxia University, I don't want to separate from you."

I didn't know what to say either. I didn't think this chick would be thinking so far ahead, this was a proof of how deep her feelings were for me. However, this was also what was most suspicious, my feelings for Zhao Yanyan, were mixed with the feelings of my previous life and this one, but what about Zhao Yanyan? I was just a classmate that she met not long ago to her, even if we are desk mates, even if my extreme maturity attracted her, and caused her to have a good impression of me, it shouldn't be possible for her to have feelings for me that easily right?

Based on my understanding of Zhao Yanyan from my previous life, she didn't lack excellent pursuers, but her heart never moved, did it change when I came to me? I didn't think I would have some sort of dominating atmosphere just from getting reborn, that was bullshit.

There has to be some sort of unknown reason here. Zhao Yanyan is still that Zhao Yanyan, I was a hundred percent certain about this, her attitude to people and situations didn't change, the only thing different was her attitude towards me.

Was there really some secret hidden here? Although I feel like things were going too smoothly, this was a good thing, and was progressing towards the better, I could only bury my doubts in my heart.

Thinking to this point, I asked in a probing manner, "If my studies are still bad when I reach the third year, what'll you do?"

Zhao Yanyan frowned, and went into deep thoughts, as if considering about the most important decision in her life, after a long while, she said determinedly, "Then I'll pretend to have played under the bar during the National Matriculation Examination, I don't want to separate from you no matter what.

Hong -- My head instantly exploded.

Even I, who had a mental age of thirty something years, was moved by Zhao Yanyan's determination, that deep love for Zhao Yanyan from my previous life has finally been returned after I was reborn.

"Don't worry, I won't let you down," I laid on the table and prepared to sleep, in truth I didn't want Zhao Yanyan to see the wetness at the corner of my eyes.

"Ai~! What kind of person are you!" Zhao Yanyan was originally really pleased with what I said, she never would have thought that I would sleep right afterwards. Zhao Yanyan turned around to continue reading in annoyance.

When I awoke, the classroom was very noisy.

"Boss, you're finally awake! You really are the 'Napping Emperor'!" Guo Qing said to me after noticing that I've woken up.

"What time is it?" I stretched and asked.

"It's lunch break already! Boss, you really can sleep a lot!" Guo Qing raised out a thumb to show his admiration.

I didn't think that I would actually fall asleep, I got excited about Zhao Yanyan's act the entire night, causing me to only fall asleep the latter half of the night, so I was really sleepy when I woke up.

"Did no one call me the entire morning?" I asked curiously.

"The math teacher allows you to sleep, the other teachers have lost their faith in you, and didn't bother," Guo Qing xplained.

"Oh!" I nodded. "Did you eat yet?" I asked, I felt really hungry all of a sudden.

"Of course I ate, boss, who knows if you could even wake up during noon! Telling me to wait for you, are you trying to starve me to death!" Guo Qing grumbled. "But your desk mate bought a boxed lunch for you, hehe, she's so nice to you!" Guo Qing smiled lecherously.

"Don't say stuff uncontrollably!" I noticed a boxed lunch was really on Zhao Yanyan's desk.

"Boss, eat first, I'm not going to keep you company, there's the English test in the afternoon, I have to study!" after that, Guo Qing turned around and didn't talk to me anymore.

I took the boxed lunch over, and opened the wrappings, then noticed a note that was folded in a heart shape.

I took a while to finally unwrap it, and wondered in my heart, if this chick folded something so deep last night.

I opened the note, it read:

Lazy pig:

Why can you sleep so much? I bought a boxed lunch for you, so eat it quickly. I can guess the reason, so I'll forgive you this time. Since I'm the same as you, I'll go and sleep in grandpa's secretary's car.

Make sure you fulfill your promise, my English notes are under the desk, you can take them out and have a look, all of the points are organized. If you get a good result in this afternoon's test, I'll definitely reward you, don't ask what the reward is, it's a surprise.

It was signed off with 'Your Yanyan', hehe, although this chick refuse to admit it from her mouth, she still wrote it on the paper.

I noticed a few characters were scribbled out before 'Lazy pig', after careful examination, the characters were 'Darling'! Zhao Yanyan probably felt embarrassed after writing it so she scribbled it out. The two characters after that were 'Liu Lei', but that was scribbled out too, Zhao Yanyan might have felt that it sounded too unfamiliar to address me like that, so she finally chose 'Lazy Pig'. I laughed happily in my heart, she treated it so seriously even though it was just a note.

I pocketed the note, of course I couldn't fold it back to what it originally looked like. I picked up the already cold boxed lunch and started eating, but my heart was full of warmth.