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Patter! Patter!

In the dark night, on the lonely ancient road, a thin horse slowly moves along, and the sound of its hoofs hitting the ground is slow and rhythmic.

Smith is laying on the horse's back, looking up at the void quietly.

Since he left Zhengyang sect, he has been lying on the back of this horse, carried by a thin horse, boundless, do not know where to go, do not know where he is going, he is an orphan since childhood, was brought to Zhengyang sect, no home, no parents, and also don’t remember any relatives.

He has always regarded Zhengyang sect as his home, and his teachers and brothers are his relatives.

Now, he was expelled from Zhengyang sect and turned into a homeless child. The unprecedented loneliness made him curl up.

"Where is home!" Mumbling words, in the dark night, appear particularly clear, unconsciously, Smith’s eyes become hazy, he is so tired that he also doesn’t know when he slept.

However, at the moment when his eyes were blurred, there was a dazzling star falling above the dark sky, with a great shine.

As he saw it, he suddenly sat up and his eyes turned along with the movement of the star. The star was golden and seemed to have gathered hundreds of millions of stars, traveled through the ages.

Experienced the vicissitudes of the ages, and sunk in the glorious golden glow, shining the whole starry sky.

"Well, what's that?" Smith stared at the night sky. He could even see the thunderbolts linking up.


Then he was startled with was a sudden boom. The star fell and the earth trembled. The lean horse seemed to be frightened. He looked up and hissed, and then he fell off the horse's back.

Stars fall, a wonder of the ages.

Smith got up in a hurry, stepped on the scorched earth and slowly approached the rolling heatwave.

Just, when he came close, he realized, when the star falls, it is only the golden flame with the size of a palm.

Suddenly, Smith was stunned. He never expected that just a small flame can cause such a big movement.

Soon, the golden glow dispersed, and the flame was like a candle of a lamp, hanging there alone. Although it was a flame, Smith could not feel any heat, the small flame was flickering, Smith was lonely, like a child without a home.

"You also don’t have home?" Seemingly in a state of loneliness, Smith helplessly stretched out his palm, gently touched the past.

The flame seemed to be spiritual, it jumped into his palm, like an innocent and brilliant child, playing in his palm.

"Interesting." Smith can't help but stretch out his finger and light the fire.

But it doesn't matter. The flame turned into a golden light and flew into his body.

"You…Smith talks about color change and does not respond.

And the flame seemed to be very playful, turning a large circle in his body, the last streak of smoke flew into his ruptured Dantian.

Soon, there was a heat coming from the lower abdomen, which made him look inside his body in a hurry.

He saw an amazing scene, because of the flame, his ruptured Dantian, actually healed in the blink of his eyes, warmth, flowing all over his body, like he bathed in hot sunshine in the last months of cold winter.

"This…Smith opened his mouth.

But it's not over yet.

The flame jumped up and down in his Dantian area, it seems to feel his Dantian capacity is narrow, it’s a small, which rapidly become huge, started gathering golden glow, until it became a golden sea of fire, and as it turned into a sea of fire, it also extended Smith’s Dantian area.


Smith hugged his lower abdomen with a groan and fell to the ground on the spot. A tear spread all over his body from the lower abdomen.


There was a sound in the darkness and the Smith’s Dantian which was just recovered burst again. It was broken by the fire and became white. The white fog above it was dazzling, and the golden light below it.

At this point, the flame stopped and started drifted around it, as if it was wandering around its newly created home.

Smith’s condition was not so good, he is like a person who has nothing left.

He lay on the ground and gasped heavily. His body was sweaty and painful. His forehead was covered with blue veins, and his eyes were covered with blood and even his face has become distorted.

Suddenly, the pain gradually dissipated, and a warm feeling once again hit the whole body, so that Smith wakes up. Sober and calm.

At this moment, he stared at the change happening to his Dantian, opened his mouth and had a dry voice. "Is this… Danhai?"

Six realms of monks: Concentration, Hidden Power, Diversity, Spiritual Emptiness, Darkness and Silence.

Smith was so shocked that the so-called Danhai was a grade higher than Dantian. Only when he reached the realm of emptiness and the ghost. Could he really open up the Danhai? How could he not imagine that the flame not only restored his Dantian, but also opened up the Danhai for him.

Suddenly, the rare spiritual energy between heaven and earth fluctuated.

Soon afterward, the spirits of heaven and earth came to Smith, forming a spiritual whirlpool centered on Smith, He poured into his body through the pores of Smith’s body, and then poured into his Danhai. His body was like a bottomless cave. Whales swallowed the spirits of heaven and earth.

At this time, the flame was active again, but all the spirits pouring into the Danhai were strongly quenched into pure gold genuine gas, so that just opened up some dry Danhai, seeming like golden, genuine gas like a golden ocean.

Looking at the Danhai Sea in dismay, Smith's eyes were somewhat confused, and his body shook a few times and fell to the ground.

Wordless all night, dawn in a twinkling of an eye.

In the early morning, warm eyes sprinkled on Smith's face through the window.

Slowly opened his eyes, Smith saw a young face facing him and was looking at him with big eyes.

"Big brother, you wake up." The teenager showed two rows of white teeth.

"Who are you?" Smith wakes up, looked at the teenager, and looked around, very strange, "Where is this place, why am I here?"

"My name is Edward." The boy was simple, honest and with a generous smile, "This is Hengyue Zong Xiaoling Park, you fainted in the mountains last night, my grandfather and I brought you back."

"Heng… Hengyue Sect?"Smith was stunned.

There are three temples in Dachu, and the bloodthirsty temple dominates the North, while Zhengyang Sect, Qingyun Sect, and Hengyue Sect are in the south. Hengyue Sect and Zhengyang Sect are still hostile.

Yechen had no idea that he had just been expelled from Zhengyang Sect a short time ago. Today, he came to the hostile Hengyue Sect.

"You're hungry! I'll get you something to eat." Seeing Smith stunned, Edward said that and went out.

On the bamboo bed, Smith was stunned for a while, and his mind was gradually restored to a clear day before he remembered what happened last night.

"Last night?" Think of last night, Smith hurried to check his body, Danhai is a golden swaying piece, like a world, with hazy white fog on top, and rolling golden rage below.

"It's not a dream; it's all true."

Smith's breath was a little short. When he woke up, the ruptured Dantian was not only restored, but also opened up the Danhai. Even the real Qi in the Danhai became more and more refined. He shook his fist and found the monk's feeling, vision, and strength, which had never been seen before.

And all this is due to the golden flame.

Think of that golden flame, Smith subconsciously looks at the golden flame suspended in the Danhai, which flickers with flames and jumps like a child.

"It can't be a real fire!" Smith's heart moved and summoned the flame to his palm.

Suddenly, the temperature in the room instantly climbed up, but he did not feel the terrible temperature, on the contrary, there is a kind feeling to the flame.

"You'll follow me." Smith smiled and touched the real fire lightly, feeling indescribable joy.

"Big brother, come out for dinner!"

"I am coming." After receiving the fire, Smith turned over and jumped out of bed.