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When she wakes up, Nina Morrison finds herself in a bed.

Lucien Gray and Nelson sit beside her, accompanying her quietly.

Seeing Nina Morrison wake up, Lucien Gray couldn't restrain his ecstasy, kisses her on the lips deeply, "Nina! Honey, you wake up finally!"

Nina Morrison still feels dizzy, "Lucien, did I faint at the wedding? Is here the hospital? What's wrong with me?"

She really doesn't want to be sick as the happy life is about to start.

Nelson jumps to his feet, and wraps his arms around Nina Morrison's neck. His big gleaming eyes are full of the excited smile, "Mommy! Daddy says that you are going to give me a little sister, is it true?"

Little sister? Nina Morrison looks up at Lucien Gray.

Lucien Gray nods, the smile in his eyes is almost flowing out, "Nina, you're not sick, you're pregnant! We have a baby again!"

Really? Nina Morrison screams in surprise!

Why she finds out so late? Her period has been delayed for more than two weeks, and she becomes so sleepy recently, and she has no idea that she's pregnant!

"Mommy, will you give me a little sister and a little brother?" Nelson can't wait to dream about the beautiful life in the future: "I can take my brother skating and teach my sister to paint. I can still have snowball fight with the younger brother and sister in winter!"

Nina Morrison strokes Nelson's smooth face and says smilingly, "All right."

Lucien Gray pats Nelson on the head, "My silly boy, your mommy will be tired to death of she gives birth to two babies at once. We can have them one by one! This time we will have a little sister, and the year after next we will have a little brother!"

Nina Morrison glances at Lucien Gray, "Keep dreaming!"

Nina Morrison faints because she is weak because of the pregnancy, and also because she is a little tired preparing for the wedding. After an afternoon of observation in the hospital, and nothing happened, the doctor lets her go.

Arriving at home, after a light meal for pregnant women, she tells Nelson stories for a while. Before 10 o 'clock, Lucien Gray urges Nina Morrison to go to bed, "Pregnant woman need sleep early! So that we can have a good baby. You can't waste my good genes!"

Nina Morrison rolls eyes to him, but she listens to him and goes upstairs to sleep.

Lucien Gray holds Nina Morrison in his arms. His chin sticks on her forehead and fumbles, "Silly girl, you finally belongs to me. Am I dreaming?"

Hearing Lucien Gray's silly words, Nina Morrison laughs in heart and pinches him on the arm.

Lucien Gray is caught off guard and screams, "It hurts! Nina Morrison, you little villain, are you planning to murder your husband?"

Nina Morrison giggles, "You can feel the pain. That means you're not dreaming!"

Lucien Gray knows that Nina Morrison is playing a trick on him. He rolls over and holds Nina Morrison tightly. His hot lips cover her cherry lips without warning.

"Nelson, you are the best gift from god! I love you!"

"Well. I love you too!"

The lovers' honeyed words make the moon in the sky shy, secretly hiding in the clouds.

The night is dark, and the love is deep.