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Late at night, Smith jumped out of the Xiaoling Garden and found a quiet place. He kneeled on the rocks and quietly speculated about the mystery of the true fire in the Danhai.

Since he got this true fire, Smith has benefited a lot. First, it restored Dantian, then it opened up Danhai, and Vital energy has also been refined. It can be said that his foundation at this time is stronger than that at the time of Zhengyang Sect.

"Really extraordinary." Smith murmured and then closed his eyes to refresh his mind. He is in unprecedented state of mind.

Soon, the thin spiritual aura of the world converged and formed a spiritual whirlpool centered on him, which was inspired by him, absorbed into the body through the acupuncture points of the body, then poured into the Danhai, and then quenched by the golden true fire.

On the other hand, he divided the real fire into countless ways, or injected into the meridians, or wrapped the bones, using it to quench the bones and meridians.

Over time, in the process of subtle influence, his meridians have been widened and become flexible. His bones have been tempered by a real fire, and they become smooth and flexible, and a little golden light lingers on them.

Don't know when he jumped off the rock, and after being tempered with real fire, he felt extraordinary comfort.

"Amazing!" With a roar, Smith stepped down. A vital energy rushed forward and gathered in his palm. There were even traces of thunder and lightning between his fingers.


He slapped at a rock and gave a loud shout.


Strong palms and thunder clapped the rock apart.

This palm attack is an attacking black art technique that he has experienced and gained. Its name is Thunderbolt Palm, which has the potential of a sudden peal of thunder, the voice of thunder, and extensively strong.

Because of this, the application of this technique requires high physical strength. Otherwise, the fierce thunder palm other than injuring the enemy may also injure one's own veins and bones, which is the disadvantage of this black art technique.

However, this drawback, for him, can be completely neglected.

With real fire quenching, his physical strength, veins, and bones toughness, he can completely ignore the self-injury from Thunderbolt Palm.


With a deep breath, he took out the files that Martin gave him.

Hengyue sect is divided into the inner and outer two parts.

The outer part consists of Law Enforcement Hall, The Discipline Hall, two gardens, three peaks, and eight chambers.

Law Enforcement Hall: If the elders have made mistakes, they will be handed over to the Law Enforcement Hall for disposal.

Discipline Hall: If the followers made mistakes, they will be handed over to the Disciplinary Hall for disposal.

Two gardens: Lingcao Garden and Lingkou Garden.

Three peaks: Tianyang Peak, Diyang Peak, and Renyang Peak are the three main peaks in the outer part of Hengyue.

Eight Chambers: Spiritual Chamber, Books Collection Chamber, Magical Chamber, Marlboro Chamber, Universal Chamber, Duty Chamber, information Chamber, and Quite Chamber.

The inner door consists of Law Enforcement Hall, Discipline Hall, two gardens, seven chambers, and nine peaks.

Comparatively speaking, the inner part lack one magical chamber, but there are six more main peaks.

"It's the same as Zhengyang sect." Smith touched his chin, and he was once a follower of Zhengyang sect Information Chamber. In addition to practice, he used to collect some simple information on weekdays. That's why when he went downhill last time to collect information, he was attacked by Qingyun sect and his Dantian became injured.

However, as a follower of the former Zhengyang Sect Information Chamber, Smith was keenly aware that this Hengyue Sect was also like Zhengyang Sect. It seemed to be calm, but secretly it was surging, and the struggle between different factions never stopped.

He doesn't know when, he put off the files, returned to the Xiaoling Garden, yawned and stretched his body and fell asleep.

From dusk to dawn in a twinkling of an eye.

In the early morning, red clouds appeared in the east, and Smith opened his eyes.

With a long breath, he turned over and jumped out of bed. His face was ruddy and his spirit was full, his breath was also very healthy.

After a simple breakfast, Smith walked out of Xiaoling Garden.

He saw a strange long stone ladder, straight up to Lingshan, This ladder was very long that Smith could not see its end until the ladder entering the clouds.

Smith took a deep breath, and He lifted his feet step by step and went up, each step can deeply feel the majestic and vast air coming face to face.

At the last step, Smith looked up at the world in front of him. A range of vigorous mountains, the ancient trees were touching the sky, there is mist spread all over due to their spiritual influence, and the Red-crowned cranes were dancing and flying high in the clouds.

"he got a feeling of being in Zhengyang Sect." Smith smiled and greedily inhaled the spiritual influence of that air.

Smith took the rout that Martin told him.

In the early morning, when the essence of the sun and moon is the most pure, Smith came all the way to see many diligent followers sitting on the rocks for practice, so that Smith passed them quickly without being noticed.

After taking several turns, Smith reached the Quite Chamber.

There are two to three followers in Quite Chamber. Every follower thoroughly looked from up to down at Smith, but when they found that Smith has first level of Concentration, they all lose interest in him as he didn’t worth their attention.

"Here it is." Smith looked up at the attic, stepped in and handed over the letter of recommendation.

In the lobby, the letter was received by Elder Jacob. When he heard that it was introduced by Martin, He didn’t forget to look up and down at Smith and then opened the letter.

When the Elder Jacob looked at Smith, Smith also looked at the Elder Jacob of Quite Chamber.

"This man was very old… undisciplined and out of control."This is what Smith suddenly thought about him.

Elder Jacob is a very twisted personality. His eyes, nose, and mouth are all oblique, and not inclined to one side. It gives him a strong urge, to give him a correction.

Smith looked at the other side of Elder Jacob.

In addition to Elder Jacob, there are three people sitting here, one with a big stomach, one is slim, the third is normal, they talk very happily, it seems that they don’t work here, but came to visit the Chamber.

These three people are from the three main peaks of Hengyue sect: Justin, Stuart, and Max.

After reading the letter, Elder Jacob handed it to the other three, and laughed, "Brothers, you discuss who would like to be the teacher of our young brother. This is introduced by Martin. We have to give him a favour."

"Oh? It's fresh."These three men looked at the letter alternately and then looked up and down at Smith.

"How old are you?" Justin, The fat man, looks at Smith.

"Sixteen years old."

"Sixteen years old." Justin raised his eyebrows. "At the age of sixteen, you reached the first level of concentration; you are very talented."

After saying that, Justin coughed, got up, patted his belly and said, "Well, I'm still busy at Tianyang Peak, so I'll go first."

Saying that Justin went out of the lobby in a fear that, Elder Jacob will pick him as the teacher of Smith.

After Justin walked, Stuart also stood up, with his hands on his back and looked at Smith. "My Diyang Peak doesn’t accept useless people."

After saying that, Stuart also walked out of the lobby.

In the lobby, only Elder Jacob was left. Justin and Stuart slipped away. The Elder Jacob had to put his eyes on Max. "Brother Max, Please for my sake, Accept him an intern under your supervision!"

Max frowned, then shook his head gently and said, "Sir, he is not qualified yet to enter Renyang Peak. I am sorry, he is not enough talent."


"I have something else to do. I'll go first."Saying this, Max also flicked his sleeves and left the lobby quickly.

The chairpersons first of the three main peaks of Hengyue sect left one after another. The reason was obvious. They did not want to accept Smith as an apprentice.

Smith understands these things very well. It is generally thought that a sixteen-year-old follower, who has only achieved the first level of Concentration, also not enough talented, If not trained well, then others will laugh at the teacher.

However, if Smith let them know about his genuine talent, they will fight with each other to have him under their training.

The three men left one after another, and the Elder Jacob was extremely embarrassed.

Looking at Smith, The Elder Jacob gave a dry cough and laughed, "Young friend, it seems that you can only be an intern follower. Would you like to be?"

"Internship is necessary. Maybe someday I'll become the true follower."

"That's good." The Elder Jacob took out a white jade card from his sleeve, and then touched with his fingertips. He engraved the word "Smith" on the jade card. Then he handed it to Smith and said with a laugh, "This is your jade card, little fellow."

In addition to that, Elder Jacob also took out a jade bottle. Although the jade bottle was sealed, Smith could smell the fragrance of medicine. Needless to say, there was a spiritual liquid in the jade bottle that was helpful for spiritual purposes.

"Because you are an intern follower, there are no Hengyue rules, no Hengyue gown, and you can only get a bottle of spirited liquid."

"Thank you, Sir." Smith took over spirited liquid, but he didn't care much about it.

"Well, go to the Spiritual Chamber and get a Spirit!" The Elder Jacob smiled and said that with a pat on Smith's shoulder. His voice was gentle, and his tone was very light and encouraging. "Boy, work hard and you will improve in three months."