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At night, Julia searched the whole lush monster forest, but did not found any sign of Smith.

"Don't let me catch you."Julia said with hatred, there was a thought in her mind about the recent scene, the cheeks reappeared flush, has always been known as a jade girl, how can she thought of her own be called such a lewd.

"Ah. I'm ashamed."She stamped her feet and shy Julia couldn't help covering his hot cheeks.

"Spirits?" Behind her, there was a voice. Sophia kept following Julia secretly because she was not confident about Julia. When she came near, she found Julia's face full of rosy clouds. She was somewhat surprised. "What's wrong with you?"

"No. Nothing."Julia hesitated, and her cheeks were even hot. Could she tell her sister that she was sleeping with someone? And he was a little monk with first level concentration? It can be imagined that it was absolutely impossible to say.

"Then what are you looking for?" Looking doubtfully at Julia, Sophia still looked around for a while. "It's impossible. You have your boyfriend left here?"

"Where… Where's the boyfriend? I was just walking around."

"You're lying!"

"Oh! Go away, go back, the teacher is still waiting for us. With feelings of guilt, Julia quickly pushed Sophia, but when she left, she did not forget to turn around and look in the direction of the cave.

Two people stood side by side, went side by side and disappeared soon.

The night was dark, and the monster forest was quiet.

Don't know when, in an unknown corner of the forest, the body of a huge monster squirmed.

Then a bloody palm came out.

It's a scary scene. People swallowed up by monsters can still climb out alive?

Look carefully, the monster belly, there is a big mouth, a bloody man, climbed out from inside.

This person, no need to mention was Smith.

OK! In order to avoid the pursuit of Julia, he became hidden in the belly of a monster. If Julia knew this, she could praise him for his talent.


One mouthful of gruff breath out, Smith ruthlessly patted his chest, "almost lost his life."

But recalling the scene just happened before, Smith coughed and touched the tip of his nose.Although he had a strong smell of blood, he could not hide the fragrance of Julia left on him. The fragrance was intoxicating.

"I saved her life?" Smith coughed and found a very legitimate reason for himself.

But when he thought about this, he felt some guilt. After all, it is an empty world, and it is so beautiful. Even if it is passive, people also lose their chastity. It is difficult to accept who they are for a time.

If there will be same situation happened again, you can't go all the way up.

After a short rest, Smith looked at the sky. The night was turned into morning.

Fearing that Julia would come again to kill him, he did not stop at all and jumped up. Smith flew into the mountains quickly. Before leaving, he did not forget to drag away the body of the monster with him, which was a great supplement.

At this moment, the Xiaoling Garden in the mountains of Hengyue sect was full of crying sounds.

"Cry, made him cry." The voice of evil spirit sounded, Jack took out a piece of black cloth from his bosom, kneaded it into a ball and stuffed it into Edward’s mouth. After that, he kicked Edward and scolded, "Cry, why don't you cry?"

Edward was in miserable condition. Jack brought people with him yesterday. He has been hanging for a whole day, and his body was covered with footprints.

"Jack, you have something to do with me." The old voice was weak, and Martin, who was also hanged, was much more miserable.

His whole body was covered with bloodstains left by whips, and his old face was covered with red and swollen palm prints. He was too old and sparse, and his muddy old eyes did not even have dim vision.

"Come to you? Good! " With a sneer, Jack pulled the whip out of his waist again. It came in a fierce manner, and the whip flew into the air.

Crack! Crack!

Every time the whip falls, Martin had a bloodstain on his body.

"Let you not give me the Spirit Curse, let you not give me the Spirit Curse." With each time the whip falls, Jack roared fiercely, just like a crazy man, hoping to strip off Martin's skin.

Uh uh! Uh uh!

Seeing Martin being beaten and the Edward with his mouth blocked, he was crying and his eyes were filled with tears.

Quack! Quack!

Even that bird was also croaking, and it was hanged up, with its wings pierced by an iron hook and drenched with blood.

In Xiaoling Garden, besides Jack, there were two followers of Hengyue.Although they have second level concentration, they were not as strong as Jack, and their posture is just advanced.

Looking at Jack's behaviour, two disciples of Hengyue came forward to dissuade him. "Brother, be in limits!" If you really killed them, we would have to blame you. We can’t afford that sin."

"A waste, who cares." After spitting, Jack looked at Martin with hatred, but he finally stopped.

But although it stopped, Jack's heart was still full of obstruction of circulation of vital energy.Martin could not fight any more. He looked maliciously at the hanged giant bird and Shouted, "You regard it as your relatives. We are going to cook it in front of you today. You two chop the dead bird off for me."


The two Hengyue followers immediately pulled up their sleeves, took out their glowing knives and went straight to the giant bird. "After a night of tossing and turning, they were a little hungry."

"You…" Martin's dim vision flashed across the cold, every time he utterred a word, a mouthful of blood vomited out.

Uh uh! Uh uh!

Edward struggled violently and his face was covered with tears.

Although the bird was a low-ranking spiritual beast, but they accompany day and night, has long regarded it as a relative, now to witness the killing of relatives, their hearts were broken.

However, just as the two Hengyue followers were about to start, the door of the Xiaoling Garden was pushed open and Smith came in, full of blood.

"Sir, I came… …Before a word was finished, Smith's words choked and looked at everything in the garden in dismay.

There was a bloody picture. Martin hanged with full of blood, Edward covered with scars, was also hanging, even the low-ranking spiritual bird, was also hooked through the wings.

"Yo! You dare to come back. Seeing that it was Smith, Jack jumped up, there were hate in his eyes, and grinned fiercely.

"Jack." Ice-cold and bone-piercing voice from Smith's mouth, dark pupils, instantly become blood-red, he strode forward, his anger was beyond control, even more fierce than Jack.

"Nobody can save you today."