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His face was hurt, and William was staggered by a kick.

"What… What… … The eyes of followers watching the fight became wide open, the whole thing happened in very short time that they have to time to respond, even they didn’t know when William got the kick.

"Smith, I will kill you." That was William’s roar on the stage.

He just maintained his position, but Smith already attacked him again.

"Kill." William's face was ferocious and frightening. He waved his hand and made a light color fingerprint.

"Full of flaws." Smith sneered. By using a technique learned from Beast Anger. He made a palm attack, and killed William at the spot.

"it was your bad luck to have fight with me."

The cold voice flew in the air, and Smith's whole body was bleeding rapidly. His muscles and bones were oppressed, and his power broke out in an instant, and his fist hit William's chest.


William's blood gushed out, and Smith's palm attack was much more powerful than his thought.

"What a surprise… …”

"What surprise?" Smith doesn't give William the time to react. And again attacked him.

He was like a beast going down the mountain. His moves were even more bizarre. Sometimes he was like a tiger, sometimes he was like a fierce ape, sometimes he was like a lion, sometimes he was like a wolf. He grabbed, patted and tore. He used his hands, feet, knees and shoulders together. Every joint part of his body was a fierce weapon. William was beaten very badly. His body was printed with punches, palm prints and foot prints.

"This… What kind of fighting style it is. "On the stage, the disciples who watched the battle were stunned, and Smith's fighting method completely subverted their cognition.

It may be magnificent black art? These gorgeous fighting moves are from which art?

None of them. The skills used were the most basic, and these basic skills made William deceived again and again.


At that moment, the stage was full of William's roar.

Not long ago, He has attitude due to his high-level spirit. But unexpectedly that’s all ended in a moment and his sixth level concentration was defeated by a monk of first level concentration.


With a wolf's roar, the noise below was interrupted. William used secret arts. His fist had been wrapped by an unreal wolf's head. Wolf shout was also heard at that time.

"Wolf fist." The eyes of the spectators around were full of fire, as if they had seen the power of William's black art. "It was surprising that master of Diyang peak also taught this technique to William."

"I will kill you!" William looked horrible and raised his fist to fight.


Listen to a cold shout, Smith waved his palm again. There were thunder and lightning between his palms and fingers. Its power was even fiercer and domineering.


There was a crisscross between the fists and palms.


However, William was beaten and fell back.

"How… How is it possible?"In retrogression, William looked at Smith with an unbelievable face. He clearly felt the hegemonic power contained between Smith's palms and fingers, which was not inferior to him.

The Wolf Fist, which was one of the best secret arts of Diyang peak, it was famous for its strong attack. With this secret skill, he has defeated a lot of followers.

But now, it was defeated from the front by an intern with first level concentration, which he can't accept.

Is he really at first level concentration?

At this moment, not only William, but all other followers who watched the fight were shocked.

"This kid is so strange." The audience was shocked and was screaming, and the scene was wonderful.

"What? Still fighting? "Outside the crowd, a group of people rushed over again, needless to say, the people who left the field before, at the moment, they heard that the battle was not over yet, they came back again. When they saw Smith was still fighting bravely, they were stunned.

However, they don't know about the main power source of Smith.

In the past, in Zhengyang sect, he used third level concentration to fight with monsters and beasts, and he used forth level concentration to fight with people having hidden power. After many experiences, his actual combat ability was much stronger than that of William.

At the moment, Smith has a large capacity of Danhai. The amount of vital energy was also not less than William. After the body refining, his body power became more than William and also have technique of the angry beast. So, due to these factors it was obvious from start that William will be defeated.

Ah… …

William's roar was all over the venue, but no matter how angry he was, he was still defeated by Smith.

"It's over." With Smith's roar, he stepped down and jumped up. The imperial palace sword, the fierce and domineering one, was raised above his head.


The imperial sword made the air hum.

Seeing this, William’s color changed. He hurriedly raised the golden sword to block it and instilled the vital energy into it.


Smith's sword split on the other spirited sword.


William, who was still standing, was half squatted on the ground by the sword. He could even hear the sound of his arm fracture.


Then, a mouthful of blood gushed out of William’s mouth.

Silence, there was a strange silence.

After some time, they were still under the noisy stage. At this time, there was only the sound of breathing, there was a scene on the stage, and their expressions were petrified.

William with fifth level concentration was knocked down Smith with firs level concentration.

"You lost."

"This… This is not possible." William roared. His legs trembled to get up, but he was suppressed by Smith.

"Your life is over." In response to William, it was Smith's cold voice.

At this moment, everyone was just like awake from a dream.

The bet was about life.

"This… Smith couldn’t really kill William. He couldn’t? William was the first follower of Diyang peak. If the sword goes on, he would be killed. "

"But the intensions of Smith were really to kill William!"

"I'm a follower of Diyang peak. Don’t dare you kill me?"William seemed to have not realized the situation at the moment, and he looked up and growls ferociously.

The bet, The gamble, in his eyes, all were jokes. Although he has lost, but it didn’t prove that he would surrender his life, because he has a powerful background, which was reason for his shameful behaviour.

"If you dare to kill Sir William, Master will not spare you… Please."Below, the followers of Zhengyang who came to help shouted, but no one dared to come forward because of Smith's strength.

"The one who bet first will die." Smith said coldly.

"This junior must need to learn to forgive others." That was an indifferent voice, and a female follower from the crowd glanced at Smith.

This female disciple was really beautiful. Her beautiful eyes were clear, blue silk was flowing like water waves, white clothes are waving, and she was really like a blooming lotus flower. Eyes of all the male followers were on her.

"Emma of Renyang peak."

"She suddenly came."

Smith from side stared at Emma. "This Mam, if I lost, would say the same?"

"You want to kill, there will be no good result." Emma face was still indifferent. Although She was standing in the crowd, but she has a high attitude. She already proposed the next move for Smith.

"The meaning of Emma was to let William free?" Smith's mouth was covered with a sneer, and his suppressed anger did not erupt after all.

This kind of anger was not only because of William behavior towards Martin and it’s also towards Emma, because her temperament was so similar to Angela, both have too much attitude, both were not loyal.

"I want you to return on right path; you have to… …”

"Do you have any relatives?" Smith directly interrupted Emma’s words, and a pair of bloodshot eyes stared at her, as if questioning.

When the words were interrupted, Emma frowned, She wondered that why Smith asked that kind of question.

"If I hanged up your relatives and torture them day and night, will you kill me?" Smith looked at Emma. "If you will also do that than you don’t need to give me false gesture."

"You… … Being scolded like this in public, Emma face was covered with frost for a moment.

At the moment, she became very indifferent, and her chest was also surging violently. She was the first disciple of Renyang peak and a follower of Hengyue sect. She has never received such a sermon, and the other side was just an intern disciple with first level concentration.

On the stage, Smith gained his gaze again and lifted his palm.

If I made this palm attack William will die.

However, at this time, a strong momentum roared, and suddenly appeared on the platform, turned into a person with a whisk.

This person, look carefully, is it Master Noah of Diyang peak?