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"I'll wait." Listening to Noah's cold threat when he left, Smith gave a sneer.

At the end of a battle, there was no suspense, but it was brilliant. The internee fought very well, he not only defeated the first disciple of Diyang Peak, but also publically challenged Noah, which made the whole Diyang Peak lose face.

In this battle, Smith was destined to show abilities he got from Hengyue Sect, and he was also destined to become the topic of discussion everywhere.

"Have you seen?! William was almost killed by Smith's sword. "

"The Master of Diyang Peak who was fond of killing people on the spot. Have you seen his old face?!"

"It's not scientific!" On the Tianyang Peak, Justin was lying on the seat like a lump. Hearing the report from disciples couldn’t help but sat up in amazement. His fat face was full of wonder.

"William lost?" On Renyang Peak, after hearing Emma's report, he couldn’t help but wide opened his eyes; the result was beyond his expectations.

No matter its Renyang Peak or Diyang Peak, Noah's angry shout was spread throughout the mountain.

"Waste, you are totally a waste." The old face became gloomy, Noah can't help shouting and scolding, "I have lost my reputation in Diyang Peak just because of you."

Below, the disciples of Diyang Peak were crawling. Seeing Noah's rage, No one dared to speak.

At this moment, Smith, who caused this little storm, was hiding in the jungle behind the mountain to check and sort out spoils of war?

The so-called booty was the storage bag given by Noah.

In the storage bag, there were a lot of bright stones. On one side there were the spirited stones, which were the common currency of the monks. There were abundant spirits sealed inside, which can be used for shopping or practice.

"Five hundred spirited stones." After counting the number of spirited stones in the storage bag, Smith was slightly surprised. These were all Noah’s secret items.

It must be known that in Hengyue Sect, each disciple can only receive 20 pieces of spirited stones every month. These five hundred spirited stone were not a small asset for Smith.


Gently rubbed a stone, Smith greedily absorbed the pure spirit which overflowed and replenished the depletion caused by battle.

After absorbing the pure spirit of more than ten spirited stones, Smith closed the storage bag, but he was in a deep thought. On the wind and cloud stage, he had completely offended Noah. He was also new to Hengyue Sect. He already heard a lot about Noah behavior that he was a type to Master who seeks revenge just for an angry look.

"It seems that the future will not be easy." Gently rubbing the eyebrows, Smith started feeling a headache.

At night, Smith quietly came out of the mountain and returned to Xiaoling Garden.

Martin and Edward have recovered the main injuries. It was just the spirited beast named Little Eagle whose situation was not hopeful.

Soon, the big iron pot was set up, and the fire was burning. Smith stewed the killed blood wolf in a big pot, and its fragrance filled the whole Xiaoling Garden.

"It’s been a long time I haven’t eaten that much meat." Edward wiped his saliva more than once, and he didn’t forget to look at the little eagle, who was eagerly looking at the pot. He laughed, "Little Eagle, You can have a full meal today."

"Little guy, today you…" On other side, Martin looked at Smith, It seemed like he wanted to say something but stopped.

"I'm fine!" With a smile, Smith kept throwing seasonings into the iron pot, but he didn’t mention anything about today's fight.

"No… It's ok if it's OK,"Martin smiled gently, but with deep worry in his eyes.

The news of battle between Smith and William was spread like a fire, he also seemed to know about this, it was unexpected, but there was a glow in his heart, He has not expected to be saved by an unknown person, who was also willing to bet his life for him, and also challenged Noah publically.

Martin became very emotional while thinking that.

He used to be an elder of Hengyue Sect, but since he was demoted to the mountain, the situation has been so miserable that his former juniors looked down upon him and even the three to five years junior disciples also made trouble with him.

Compared with his colleagues and the junior disciples who bullied him, Smith in front of him has totally different behaviour.

"Come on! It’s ready to eat. " Smith on the other side, scooped out the meat without noticing the expressions of Martin.

"I can't wait."

"Little Eagle, this is yours. Eat more, it will help you recover."

A dinner party, with sweat profusely. The bloody wolf was the evil beast, was full of treasure. It used to make the soup which will help in recovering injuries. Especially for Martin and Edward, they felt steaming hot after eating.

At night, Xiaoling Garden was not quiet. There was a beautiful guest came in the middle of dinner.

The guest was a female disciple in white, bathed in the moonlight, bright and flawless. On the cheeks, there was always the indifference that refuses people thousands of miles away.She was Emma, who watched the battle under the stage.

"Ah! Mam Emma, How you came here. " Smith didn’t look at Emma. He picked up a piece of wolf meat.

For Smith’s that kind of response, Emma's face expression changed, but she took a deep breath and controlled herself.

"Master invites you to come to Renyang Peak." Emma's words were cold, and she also gave him an invitation letter. "If you agree, you can come to Renyang Peak tomorrow."

Although, Emma said it politely, but she was internally full of anger. Who was she? However, she was the fresh flower of Hengyue Sect; a disciple send by Master of Renyang Peak, but she was preached by Smith at the wind and cloud stage today. After she went back, Max sends her to deliver this message.

"The invitation of Renyanng Peak really flattered me!"

"Given you the message, now it’s your turn to decide." Emma didn't want to stay much, so she left the letter and went back.

When she was about to walk out of Xiaoling Garden, she stopped again and glanced at Smith, who was still devouring,"don't think it's invincible to defeat William. You should know that Hengyue Sect can examine, there are many people around. It's too hard for you to succeed."

After that, Emma disappeared at the door like a breeze.

She left very quickly that Smith was still devouring the wolf meat.

"Little guy, Renyang Peak is one of the three main peaks. Let's go! Don't miss your future, just bear it. " Martin's words were gentle, he really thinks about Smith.

"Sir, I understand." Smith laughed, with touching his mouth full of oil stain.

The door of Xiaoling Garden was opened again. This time, a graceful white disciple came in. He reached sixth level concentration. Although there was only one difference, he was much better than William.

This man was sent by the master of Tianyang Peak, Thomas.

"You beat William?" Thomas was gently waving a folding fan when he came in, glanced at Martin, and looked at Smith cruelly.

OK! Smith thought that Thomas was really as polite as his appearance, but when he said this, the impression of Thomas was changed. He seemed elegant, but in real he was sanctimonious.

"What happened to brother, why you came late at night." Smith's was still straight forward. For such a person, he has never been bothered.

"It's not a big deal, just to give you a message by Master. He said that you can be a disciple of Tianyang Peak."Thomas's mouth was full of smiles, and he was gently shaking the folding fan, but his chin was raised high, a posture that was showing that he is superior to others.


Smith just replied casually, he was busy in eating wolf’s meat.

Looking at Smith’s behaviour, Thomas was not angry, but just laughed and turned back.

Just like Emma, he glanced at Smith when he was about to leave. "You don't know that how deep you provoked Diyang Peak. You should know that in my Diyang Peak eyes, you are nothing."

Saying that, Thomas left.

After Thomas left, Smith put down the dishes.

"Little guy, you…" Martin wanted to say something else, but he was interrupted by Smiths words.

"Sir, I know what you are going to say." Smith wiped the oil stains from his mouth and said with a smile, "I don't want to find a backer, but you can see that they look down on me. If I want to become their disciple again, isn't it boring?"


Martin was silent, but sighed.

"I understand these things very well." Smith smiled and continued, "this is a world where the stronger people are respectful, full of sinister. Although I am an intern, I would not prefer to enter the three main peaks."

"Just try your best. Don't worry."

"Sir, I will remember your teachings."