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After catching his breath, Smith ran back to the house.

Smith came to bed again, and he put the little gourd in his arms, and then wiped it constantly.

"Treasure, what a treasure."

Smith was unable to conceal his happiness. He was happy because the 1000 spirited stones he spent ware not in vain.

He has figured out that the ancient tortoise shell contained the mysterious body method secret skill of fast shadow and a thousand illusions. The purple gold small gourd just caught this point, and then swallowed the tortoise shell into it, thus refined the secret skill inside.

"What kind of treasure are you? You have such abilities."

Holding the little purple gold gourd, Smith liked it more and more, and his mood also became more and more joyful.

The purple gold small gourd can not only swallow the spirit of heaven and earth into the spirited liquid, but also catch the hidden mystery in the unknown, which made Smith feel the origin of the purple gold small gourd more and more amazing.

"I am feeling like I'm going to make a fortune."

Smith touched his chin, "my real fire can sense the treasure, and this purple gold gourd can catch the mystery hidden in the treasure."

Thinking something in his mind, Smith took a miraculous pearl out of the storage bag, and then directly shoved it into the small purple gold gourd to see if it can find something from the Pearl.


When suddenly being stuffed by a pearl there was a buzzing sound came from the gourd, and it was spitted out from the gourd on the spot.

"It seems to be a common pearl."

Smith murmured, then took out a small dagger and stuffed it into the gourd.

It was also spitted out on the spot.

"Not this one."

After receiving the dagger, Smith took out one thing after another, either spirited liquid or spirited equipment, and tried one by one.

At last, Smith put a jade vase full of brilliance into it.


All of a sudden, purple gold small gourd directly grinded the jade bottle into fly ash, and then sprayed the fly ash out directly.

Smith was shocked.


Purple gold little gourd vibrated violently, as if protesting again, as if saying, "no way, try something else?"

Looking at the situation, Smith's corner of mouth can't help but twitching.

He can see that purple gold little gourd has the ability to capture the secret abilities from the treasures, but it can only capture the treasures from the things he stuffed in, and a lot of things he stuffed in were useless.

Moreover, he also saw that little gourd was spiritual.

He found out that if the thing stuffed in little gourd was useless, it would be crushed by little gourd on the spot.

"Little thing, but its temper is not little.”

Smith scolded but still carried the small gourd into the bosom.

After a simple breakfast, Smith hurriedly went out of Xiaoling Garden.

When he arrived at the cave in the back mountain, Bruce Junior was lying in the cave, sleeping and drooling. His whole body was full of fat.

Smith gave a dry cough, but Bruce Junior didn't respond.

In response, Smith kicked him and said, "little fat man, get up to work."

For the first time, that guy still didn't wake up.


Smith snorted, "why that lady didn’t wear clothes?”

As soon as the words came out, Bruce Junior, who was sleeping, jumped out. Where? Where?

"It's a good move." On one side, Smith said a meaningful sentence.

"No way." Knowing that he was tricked, Bruce Junior stared at Smith.

"It doesn’t matter. Hurry up, there is no spirited grass and we don't have much time."

"I will get this; you don’t need to worry." Bruce Junior put his hand into his crotch on the spot, and then took out a storage bag. "It took my tremendous effort to get it."


Smith didn't think so, but when he opened the storage bag, he was shocked on the spot. There was more than three times spirited grass than previous time in it.

"You are so cruel!" Smith looked at the Bruce with a sigh and a smack of tongue, "you take so much, your old uncle agrees?"


"Then what did you do?"

"I went there with my aunt." Bear two picked his nose, “and added something in their food.”

"Added something?" Smith asked, "what thing."

"Make-love powder."

As soon as these words came out, Smith can't help but twitched the corner of his mouth. He has to give Bruce Junior thumbs up, "Awesome."

They again started working.

Smith was still in charge of refining, while Bruce Junior was busy working as his assistant.

Soon, a refreshing smell of medicine appeared in the cave.

Smith naturally didn’t want to waste the overflowing strong medicine fragrance. As early as possible, he started refining the jade spirit liquid; he took out the purple gold gourd. The medicine fragrance was swallowed by the purple gold gourd.

"What kind of treasure is this? It can also absorb the aura by itself."Bruce Junior squatted on the ground, two small eyes were rolling.

"Don't look. Come and help."

Because Smith was more and more skillful in refining the jade spirit liquid. This time, they used only six days to refine the jade spirit liquid three times more than the last time.

At night, they lied on the ground like dead pigs. After six days of crazy refining, they were very tired.

"We will go tomorrow, first go to Marlboro chamber to get something useful. Understand!"Bruce Junior put a bottle of jade spirit liquid into his storage bag, while he ordered Smith.

"Something useful?" Smith can't help but look over and ask tentatively, "you mean…".

"Tianlingzhou, Tianxingzhou and Tianleizhou!"

Hearing these names, Smith’s eyes suddenly brightened.

There were three major charms of Hengyue Sect: Tianlingzhou, Tianxingzhou and Tianleizhou.

Tianlingzhou was the main seal. It can imprison the true vital energy of the friar for a short time.

Tianxingzhou can instantly increase the speed of users.

The main attack of Tianleizhou was extremely powerful. It has the power of exploding mountains.

The three major charms of Hengyue Sect, each has individual strong points, if these will be used in coordination, results would be beyond expectations.

"Marlboro Chamber also sells these three charms?" Smith looked at Bruce Junior and asked.

"Sell, of course, ten thousand spirited stones for Tianlingzhou and the thirty thousand spirited stones for Tianxingzhou. As for Tianleizhou, it needs nine thousand spirited stones. However, the power of Tianleizhou is too strong. It is forbidden in Hengyue Sect, but it can be used outside."

"It’s very expensive, who can afford it." Smith swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

"There are many people who are crouching in the outer gate of Hengyue Sect. Many of them come from the cultivation family and are very rich."

Smith thought about it. Just yesterday, he found 30000 spirited stones in George's storage bag. Other disciples of the cultivation family who didn’t show their wealth can also be rich.

"Although these charms are expensive, but they are very practical." Bruce Junior said, "it's necessary to go out. They are used to protect life at the critical moment. I care more about my life than spirited stones."

That's right.

Smith agreed with Bruce Junior.”Spirited stones can be earned again, but life is more precious.”

He has secretly decided to go to the Marlboro chamber again before going to the black market. He can't afford the Tianleizhou. But he can afford the other two charms.

At night, they left the back mountain.

Bruce Junior went to spirited grass garden, and Smith went to Marlboro chamber.