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At work, Janice found that Dan had not returned. Jim called her in the afternoon, hoping she would visit him in the afternoon, and Janice rejected him on the grounds of being busy recently.

It wasn't her selfishness, it was she who wanted to understand that if she had been guilty of his illness, he would never accept the fact that they were no longer together.

Refusing to meet him was by far the best way to forget.

Janice called Dan and he quickly answered the phone, "Wouldn't you going back to the company?"

Dan, who had been waiting in the car for a long time, said, "I'm in the parking lot, let's go home."

Janice packed up her desk and took off her handbag, "Master President, were you lazy? You didn't come to work all afternoon, but comes to pick up your wife after work."

Dan slightly raised his mouth, "Being a good husband is more important than being a good president."

When Janice arrived at the parking lot, Dan was sitting in the car thinking about something, even not seeing she is beckoning him.

Janice hid next to his car, took the red lipstick and mirror in her bag, and drew a few times on her face. She glanced at herself and was startled.

"Knock. Knock. Knock." Janice crouched beside his car's door like a small animal. Dan heard the sound and dropped down the window and looked out. He didn't see anything. His eyebrows twisted, thinking he had heard it wrong.

Just before closing the window, Janice's teeth and claws suddenly appeared in front of him. She pretended to scare him, but he looked at her as a clown and laughed.

Seeing that he wasn't scared, Janice felt a little frustrated, ran to the other side with her big red lips, and opened the door by herself.

Dan opened the wet tissue to help her wipe the lipstick mark on her face, "Do you want to be so exaggerated, my wife is really ugly."

Janice was not angry at all, and she squeezed his face mischievously, "Whose husband is this, how can you laugh so sweetly, really handsome."

When she praised him, Dan felt that he could not find a direction. He knew that she was trying to make him laugh, and he still took them one by one.

He kissed the tip of her red nose, "What do you want to eat? Your husband cooks for you tonight."

Janice stepped back and squinted at him, "Tell me, what you did this afternoon?"

Dan reached out and touched her head, "Okay, fasten your seat belt and go."

Janice obediently fastened her seat belt, and Dan started the car and went home.

Along the way, Janice smiled at Dan. He thought that he was experienced. But he only felt uncomfortable when she saw him.

"What do you want to know, you keep looking at me like this, I cannot stand it and am going to tell you anything."

Janice snickered with pride, "I am waiting for you telling me anything. You look worrying. There must be something hiding from me, isn't it?"

"Women should not be too smart." Dan said jokingly.

Janice was a little arrogant, "Well. I am born to be a clever, beautiful woman."

"I went to see Phoebe in the afternoon." Dan told her about this matter, but even he didn't say it, she could also think of it.

Janice nodded, "Well. That's fine. I'm a little angry. Why should you meet for so long? A whole afternoon, you can talk a lot of things."

At the red light, Dan turned his head and looked at Janice. He didn't wan to tell her about the daughter for a while. Wait until he thoroughly understood the matter. She had many troubles recently and wanted her to be carefree.

"She admitted that she is Shelly, but I still doubt that it seems that all of them were being manipulated by someone. There seems to be a script, which is too realistic, but it is really almost fake."

Janice said that she didn't understanding him. He said it too complexly. She didn't want to figure out carefully. Anyway, Phoebe now is Shelly.

"Do you have any regrets? If you want to start again with her, I will divorce you."

If he really still loved Shelly, then what was the point to keep him by her side? She agreed to divorce with him not because she was weak, because she wanted loved ones should be together.

Dan glared at Janice fiercely, "Your easy way to agree divorce made me so hate you." He didn't feel she cared about him at all. Was she eager to ask for a divorce?

Janice looked at him, "You hate me? You used to be like this, and I didn't say anything. You just let me go, and you think you did it for the good of me. Actually, you were actually abusing yourself."

"So now, I won't let you go anymore."

"No problem. We will not divorce and face the things together."


That night Dan hesitated many times, and he still did not tell Janice about having a daughter. He was not sure if she could accept it. What's more, if he and Shelly really had a daughter, their relationship would be more complex, and he really didn't want to add to her troubles.

When he fell asleep, Janice naturally relied on him, hiding in his arms and sleeping comfortably.

Two days later Dan asked Phoebe to meet again. This time his purpose was very direct, just to see the child.

Phoebe took him to a children hospital, but Dan was puzzled, "What were you doing here? Were the children uncomfortable?"

Phoebe just smiled bitterly and did not speak.

At the door of a ward with three children, Phoebe pointed to the little girl sitting on the bed in the middle and dressing the baby with braids, "She is called Tinny, and she suddenly collapsed into the hospital when she was less than a year old. From the beginning, the doctor told me that she could only live to ten years old, and she could only stay in the hospital for these ten years."

Dan did not believe what Phoebe said. How could such a thing happen to a child?

"Shelly, don't make such a joke with me. You understand me. If it is true, I will kill you. Why didn't you tell me in the past seven years?"

Because of the pain in his heart, his scarlet eyes glared at the woman who was already completely strange.

Phoebe knew that he had identified this matter, and the child in it made him feel sad, "You can easily forget me, why can't I retaliate against you."

Dan was so furious that he wanted to kill her, "You take the child's life to defy me?"

"I just want to see what how miserable you are now, I just want to make you regret for life. I will give you a month to marry me, otherwise I will make this matter public, and if the public knows that you are ignorant to your child, I believe Shinny International..."

"Enough, I don't need you to tell me what I should do." Dan angrily interrupted Phoebe's words.

Standing outside the window, even with a layer of transparent glass, he could feel the pain that the child inside had experienced in the past seven years.

When the door was opened, Tinny was chatting with the sick child in the next bed.

The little girl asked Tinny, "Tinny, do you really have a dad?"

Tinny lowered her head and carefully braided for the doll, "Of course, all children in the world have dads."

"Then why hadn't he seen you once?"

Tinny told her, "My dad is very busy. My mom told me that my dad is a superman. He will definitely come to see me. You see, I still have photos of my dad."

With that said, Tinny began to look for the most precious pictures under her pillow.

"Nice to meet you Uncle and Aunt." The little boy in the outermost bed first saw Tinny's mother coming in and greeted her politely.

Tinny held the photo in her hand and smiled happily when she saw her mother come back, but when she saw the man behind her, the smile on her face disappeared all at once.

Phoebe walked to Tinny, "Did Tinny listen to the doctor and nurse today?"

Tinny answered unconsciously, holding a photo in her hand and pointing at Dan who was standing by the hospital bed, "Is he my father?"

Because this person looked exactly the same as the person in the photo, it must be her dad who she thought about day and night.

Phoebe nodded to Tinny, "Well, Dad came to see Tinny."

Everyone thought Tinny would laugh happily, and she didn't, the child who hadn't been crying for a long time, cried suddenly.

"Dad is a bad guy. Daddy let Tinny wait so long..."

Phoebe wanted to hug Tinny and stop her crying. Even she did not expect that Tinny would react so strongly. She usually said about it every day. When Dad found her, she never expected that Tinny would cry so much.

Tinny did not let her mother hug her, she cried and said, "Tinny wanted father to hug her..."

Dan was at a loss for a while for letting him hug a seven-year-old child, and possibly his daughter, he really didn't know what to do.

He walked numbly, and just opened his arms, Tinny jumped on his body, two small hands hugged his neck tightly, crying and laughing.

"Dad, you were finally back. Dad, Tinny misses you so much."

Dan was touched by a child for a while. He helped the child to wipe her tears. Tinny suddenly asked him like a curious baby, "Were you really my father?"

Dan looked at the child, not knowing what to do. But for fear hurting the child, he smiled, "Of course."

Tinny jumped up on the bed happily, "Great, Tinny had a father, Tinny had a father."

Phoebe hugged her to prevent her from jumping all the time, he heart couldn't bear like this, "Okay, stop."

Tinny's happiness couldn't be concealed. She hugged her mother's neck and said to her mother, "Mom, how do I think my father is more handsome than in the photos."

Phoebe was amused by Tinny, and Dan, who was standing beside him, couldn't help hooking his lips.