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"I just want to be with you." These words were really not suitable to say now.

Janice as angry, affectionate words was now a joke to her, "Who needs you... Oh... Dan..."

He let go of her and stared at her deeply, "Don't you still need me?"

What did he think of her, thinking that she can be seduced? When Dan's lips were about to get close again, Janice leaned her head and bi him on the shoulder.

She bit hard, and suddenly his body suddenly stunned, and then slowly relaxed to let her bite, and did not dodge.

Janice herself felt that she bit him hard. He must have felt pain. Although where was a shirt, he must have suffered a lot, because Janice felt her gums hurt.

His letting her bite made Janice feel more distressed and wronged. This was how he can allow her to do whatever she wanted to do in his life, but it will also bring her painful pain.

Tears slipped down her cheeks across the corners of her lips, penetrated into his shirt.

Janice pushed him away, the tears on her face were not dry, Dan didn't blame her for his physical harm, but instead smiled tenderly at her, and took a step forward to help her wipe the tears off your face, "You bit me, why were you crying?"

Janice muzzled her nose and answered back, "I have a toothache."

Dan smiled helplessly, "Yes, everything you say is right." When he finished, he hugged her..

"Dan, not today, put me down." Janice seriously said this to him.

"Why not? It's your period?" He remembered it was more than a week late.

Janice pushed him off, "No." Living together every day, this kind of thing can't lie.

This answer made Dan Trump very surprised. He suddenly tilted his body and put one hand on his head, "Were you pregnant?"

Janice stared at him, and many thoughts flashed in her mind. This thing as a secret that cannot be hidden.


Dan was smart, when she dodged her gaze, he can see through everything, "Why don't you hesitate if you are not?"

Janice started to make up, "I'm hesitant, I was thinking, if I'm really pregnant, what do you think?"

Dan laughed inwardly. This was her cliche, little fool.

He gently helped her to sort out the messy hair on her forehead, eyes deep and affectionate, "Did you know? Sometimes I would like to tell you selfishly. For you, even you let me abandon the whole world, I'm not afraid, but I don't seem to be able to do it. I did a paternity test. I'm sorry, I really didn't know that Tinny existed seven years ago."

Janice knew that what he said was all in his heart, he should have thought about it for a long time before talking to her

"If I were Tinny, I must hate you, and I wouldn't recognize you as a dad when I grew up." If adults made mistakes, it was always the innocent children who bore the consequences.

Dan smiled bitterly, "I would rather she hates me, and then she can grow up healthy."

Janice felt that Dan as so sad now, he must be very uncomfortable in his heart, very distressed Tinny, and blamed him.

She turned sideways and put her arms around him, "Fine, I won't be angry with you. Don't complain me. I'm really afraid that I will give you up for the sake of that child, and then I will regret it soon.

Dan smiled, "You threatened me, and you will not let me go in your next life."

"I won't let you go. You were mine." Really, he was six years older than her, but now she seemed to be coaxing an uneasy child.

Dan's big hand was naturally placed on her flat belly, "But no matter what, you brought everything to me. I welcome them to my life, and the only thing I will not give up is you, the life with you."

Janice listened very seriously and didn't understand what he said. What is so difficult to understand, "What do you want to say?"

Dan said, "If you are pregnant, I welcome him very much, and thank you for your willingness to accompany me in the future and give me a complete home."

Janice thought he may have guessed something. He was too shrewd. Sometimes she wanted to hide her things, "I am not pregnant."

The way she did not admit was very cute, and Dan followed her, "Well, but you still have to be treated as a pregnant women. I came back to the old house today. The family had specifically asked me to take care of you."

Janice pouted her mouth and didn't believe it. He must have said something else. Tina that annoying young lady must have said a lot of bad things about her.

But now that she was really pregnant, it's still a little proud to think about it, "It's clear that you didn't give me a good look when I got home, I don't forgive you."

Dan offered to take the initiative and hug her, "I was wrong, I thought you went to Jim today."

When he said that, Janice was even unhappier, "What's wrong with me going to see Jim, I tell you, I'm innocent with him now. We are not like you and that Shelly, and there came a child."

Dan moved his big hand back to her stomach, "When will the little guy here run out."

Janice was guilty and took away his hand, "I don't have it here. The one that will come out here is the large intestine."


Alice had been completely lost sleep since she knew that Janice was pregnant and she had a small plan. She experienced the hardship of living with a child without any relatives and friends. That kind of suffering was really bitter. It's awful, she didn't want Janice to choose that step too.

From the time Benjamin came back, he saw that she was very worried, and felt that she had been tossing and turning when sleep, and he had to turn on the bedside lamp to talk to her.

"What's wrong? What troubles you so much?"

Alice stared at Benjamin who asked her, and she had mixed feelings in her heart, thinking about them in the past, and thinking about the current Janice.

But she promised Janice not to tell anyone.

"It's okay, I just feel a little insomnia."

Benjamin raised his eyebrows. She thought that she could hold him back if she had something in her heart. Ben put her in his arms, "Well. That's fine, but now you must sleep."

Alice nodded in his arms, "Well. Good night."