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"No, I mean you..." I wondered why I let Sean sleep here.

I immediately said, "forget it. You can leave now. I'll see you off."

"No, since you let me sleep here. I take it seriously." Sean hugged me tight and took me to the bedroom step by step.

He put me on the bed and knelt on it.

"Sean, I think you are too tired. I just want you to have a good rest, not to sleep with me!"

I got up and wanted to get out of bed.

In the face of Sean, I was really afraid that my sanity would be swallowed.

After all, I just wanted to hold him and rely on him when I was near him.

He hurt me five years ago, but I...

I knew I shouldn't, but I wanted to jump in.

Sean took my arm. "I'm kidding. Actually, I haven't slept well for three days. Now even if you kiss it, it may not stand up."

"Three days?" I looked at Sean. "Why didn't you sleep?"

"I have a lot to deal with and a lot of pressure. I called the shareholders and the bank. I..." Sean took me to his side and held me. "Let me hold you and lie down. I'll be fine in a minute."

His words were very seductive.

I couldn't refuse him at all.

I nodded. "Then lie on my lap."

"No, I want to hold you."

Sean put me straight down and held me tight.

He said nothing.

The whole bedroom fell into silence.

When was the last time I was so close to him?

I was in his arms and close to him. I could hear his heart beating.

"Honey, soon I may have nothing. I may never hold you again then."


I was nervous to hear him.

"Do you know why I said I will lose if I gamble with him?" Sean held me and whispered. I didn't speak. He continued, "because in my opinion, business competition should be aboveboard, not private."

He said.

I didn't understand.

But soon, I heard his even breath.

He fell asleep.


I hardly slept all night. It was not light outside in the morning. I suddenly heard a cell phone ring.

"I can stand behind you, like a shadow chasing light and sleepwalking..."

Wsn't it my old cell phone ring?

But I didn't use it for a long time.

Soon I realized it wasn't my cell phone, it was Sean's.

When he heard it, he opened his eyes and sat up. He took out his cell phone to answer the phone. He said seriously, "hello."

As he listened to the phone, he got up and walked out.

When he got to the door, he said, "I see. I'll be right there."

"Are you leaving?"

It was completely dark outside. It was only half past five in the morning. He only slept for more than four hours.

Sean stopped and hesitated for a moment and said, "do you have a spare toothbrush? Give it to me."


I hurried to the storage room and looked in the cupboard for a while before I found the toothbrush I bought many years ago and handed it to him.

He unpacked and went to the bathroom to brush his teeth.

I stood by and watched him brush his teeth. I found that even if I just watched him brush his teeth, I was happy.

I was a bitch.

Sean brushed his teeth and turned to look at me. He asked me, "do you want to go to the company with me?"

"May I?"

His words excited me!

I'd like to go.

I wanted to follow him and do anything.

But soon I knew I couldn't. I would hurt Ming by doing so, so I changed my mind, "no."

He looked a little depressed. "Go ahead, maybe you won't be able to go next time."


"Let's go. Eric is waiting downstairs."

"... Then I'll wash my face."

I couldn't refuse Sean's request.

I washed my face and followed him downstairs.

When we got to the underground garage, Eric saw Sean and me. He was not surprised at all and said, "Hello, Miss Jones."


When I sat in the car, I had some regrets. How could I explain to Ming?

Why did I go to the company with Sean?

Because it was still early, we arrived at the Giant group building.

I could see from the outside that although it was not time for work, the lights on several floors of the whole building were on, indicating that someone was working overtime.

The car went into the underground garage.

Sean took me to his office first. I sat in his office and watched him deal with things.

Eric didn't care about me when he reported things to Sean.

Eric means that the incident was artificial, and now shareholders were very divided on whether to continue to invest money in the project.

After all, the money was too much and the project took a long time.

It was better to invest in other projects with quick returns.

While Sean was busy, it was getting brighter outside.

The first ray of sunshine in the morning shone into the office, laying a layer of gold on the black carpet of the whole office.

"Does it look good?"

As I focused on the sunrise outside, Sean stood by me. His hand rested lightly on my shoulder.

I felt warm.

I blushed slightly and nodded.

Although the Giant group was built in the center of the city, the light was good because the land in front was a small square.

"The sunrise at the second highest level is better." Then he reached for my hand.

I wanted to refuse, but he held my hand and didn't give me a chance to refuse.

"I will go myself."

I got nervous.

What if someone saw us outside?

Sean understood my mind. "Don't worry. No one will see us."

After that, he took me to the second highest floor by elevator.

I didn't think the second highest level sunrise would look better than the top level sunrise.

But I was shocked when I got out of the elevator.

The second highest level was a big platform. Only a few places were divided by glass doors and walls.

There was no office supplies in it.


When I was confused, I suddenly thought of the conversation a long time ago.

At that time, Sean said that he would leave the second highest floor free and make a studio for me.

I thought he just said it casually. He did it.

My tears immediately fell down my eyes.

Sean hugged me and kissed my tears. Then his thin lips kissed my lips and slowly tasted it.