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"You had a different attitude when you shut me up in the conference room and wanted me to bleed to death."

I sat down and looked at her. Even if I knew that Inez and Marlin could be sentenced to life imprisonment, I didn't care.

They were my parents but they were like strangers.

Inez took the phone and said excitedly, "your father asked me to do this. I have nothing in recent years, so I can only listen to him!"

"Ha ha, he's not my father for a long time." I took the phone and looked at Inez through toughened glass. "If I wasn't lucky, I can't sit here and talk to you today."

If Sean didn't come to me.

I would really die.

During my two weeks at the hospital, the doctor said that if I was sent to the hospital half an hour later, I might die.

When it came to saving me, Inez's eyes got wet again. "June, please let us go. We really did something wrong. I advised Marlin that since Ming was willing to give us money, we could give up. But he didn't agree. He wanted your house."

"But I almost died. Why should I let you go? And with your financial conditions, you can live a good life in prison."

I said lightly.

In fact, it was better to stay in prison than live so badly.

"No, I don't want to spend my whole life in prison." Inez put one hand on the glass. Her face pressed against the glass, "June, please. For the sake of me giving birth to you, let us go."

"You gave birth to me?" I sneered, "if Molly and I are not twins, I don't believe that you gave birth to me. How could a natural mother treat her child like this!"


"Molly and I were on the ship. You would be happy if we both came back. You should be glad if one of us came back. But what did you do? If it is Molly today, will you do that to her?"

Even if Inez didn't answer, I knew they wouldn't.

I was not their kid, but Molly was.

Inez looked at me and seemed to be afraid to annoy me. She said softly, "yes, Molly has been growing up around us, so we have a deeper feeling for her. But in recent years, we are trying to accept you and treat you well. This is not something that can be cultivated in a short time..."

"So you want me to die for the house?" I looked at Inez and said, "to be honest, look at Molly, a piece of garbage, and I don't regret being born in Carter Family!"

Inez was gentle with me.

But when I scolded Molly, her face immediately changed. She said angrily to me, "what do you say! How could Molly be a piece of garbage? She..."

"What?" I interrupted and asked, "at school I helped her with her homework and exams. She asked someone to do her graduation project online. She lied to Jessop Family to get her a studio, but she copied a late designer. She didn't really make money on her own. She was dependent on others. She made no contribution to society. Such a person is a piece of garbage!"

I calmly accused Molly. Inez looked more and more angry.

Finally, when I said Molly was a piece of garbage, Inez couldn't stand it. She patted the table and stood up, "nonsense! Even if Molly doesn't do anything, we're happy to support her!"

"You can support her, but why do you hurt me?" She was fierce but I was not afraid at all, "you picked me up for the stock and let me marry Sean. You wanted me to be hated by Grandma. Fortunately, Grandma was awake, or I would have been killed by you!"

"You are shameless!" Inez was furious. "It's all your fault! Sean went to save you that day. When he held you, his face clearly showed that he loved you! You bitch. You killed Molly and robbed her lover!"

"Rob? She is a bad person. Why did Sean like her? That was because I saved Sean when I was a kid, and Molly said it was her!" I was angry, too. "She deserves it!"

If she didn't do it, maybe Sean and I wouldn't end up like this.

"You! You!" Inez was really angry. She pointed at me and said, "you bitch! I shouldn't have let the hospital send you to the orphanage. I should have strangled you!"

Her words stunned me.

I took the phone and stood for three seconds before I could respond. I asked with doubts, "what do you say?"

Did She mean she knew I existed?

It was not the hospital's fault. She threw me away on purpose?

Inez realized she was wrong, but she sat back in her chair and looked up at the sky and said, "you and Molly are not my daughters. My real daughter died in my stomach..."


I stared at Inez.

What did she mean?

Inez looked at me and was numb. "Marlin refused to marry me at first, and then I was pregnant. I told Marlin, but Marlin didn't care. I knew that as long as I gave birth to this child, Sherry would definitely let me enter Carter Family. At this time, the doctor said that my child was unhealthy and suggested that I had an abortion. How could I have an abortion? She died in my stomach when she was six months old."

"... And then?"

"Then I kept it for ten months. I send Marlin photos every day. I gave birth to a dead baby in the hospital the day I gave birth." Inez sat there with a very strange expression on her face.

She seemed to be laughing and crying.

"So where do Molly and I come from?"

I just wanted to know this!

Inez looked at me. "The next day a woman was pregnant before she was married. She gave birth to twins. Her family felt humiliated and wanted to throw the two children away. I was kind, so I asked for them. But I only had one child. Because I had a small stomach, I picked a skinny child and sent the other to the orphanage."

When Inez finished, my head was filled with all kinds of information.

That was to say, I was not her child!

I had my own parents!

I looked at Inez and asked anxiously, "where's my mother? Who is she? Who did you ask for us?"

At this time, the police at the detention center came in and said, "the visiting time is over."

He was going to take Inez away.

"Wait a minute!" I clapped at the window and shouted, "who on earth did you take me from? What's her last name!"