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"I..." I opened my mouth and hesitated for a long time.

I knew why he dare not look up. He was afraid that I would turn him down. He was afraid that I would see him at a loss.

In the end, my heart softened. I said, "I will marry you."

My mood did not improve at all. I was more nervous.

But since I said it, I would do it.


The next day, I went back to Sceaux.

Lester and Murray came to pick me up.

As soon as Lester saw me, he came running quickly. He hugged my neck and said, "Mom, I thought you abandoned me."

"Why? Mom had to deal with something before." I could't help kissing his chubby little face.

After I got back to the studio, Lester followed me wherever I went.

He seemed afraid that I would leave again.

Usually he went to bed at nine, but today he didn't want to go to bed.

I told him three stories but he didn't sleep. Several times his eyes were closed. As soon as I put the book down, he immediately opened his eyes and said, "Mom, I'm not asleep!"

"Do you want to go to kindergarten tomorrow?" I touched his little head. "Why are you so energetic today?"

Lester put his arm around me and blinked. He looked at me and didn't talk for a long time.

"What's the matter?" I asked.

Lester pouted. "I'm afraid you'll be gone when I wake up tomorrow morning after I fall asleep."

His words made my heart ache.

The reason was it.

I patted his body and said softly, "how could it be? I'm not going anywhere. I'll be with you as before, OK?"

Lester looked at me and his eyes were full of doubt.

He hesitated for a moment and put his hand out of the quilt. He clenched his fist and held out a little thumb and said to me, "promise me!"

"OK." I also held out my little thumb and caught his finger. I said, "I promise!"

"A liar will become a dog!" Lester added.


I nodded seriously.

Lester was already sleepy.

He closed his eyes as soon as I promised. He fell asleep in a minute.

After I confirmed that he was asleep, I put the book down. I came out of his room gently.

When I passed Murray's lounge, I saw the light was still on.

I didn't plan to go in, but it suddenly occurred to me that Murray had told me that he had a sister who looked like me.

Suddenly I had an almost impossible idea in my mind!

I went over without hesitation and knocked at the door. I didn't push the door until Murray let me in.

He was watching TV. I went straight over and asked, "master, can you tell me more about your sister? What's her name? Where is she now? When did she leave?"

I didn't really care.

But now I thought if his sister was pregnant when she left and the time was right, she was probably my mother!

Murray was shocked by my questions.

He looked at me suspiciously. "Why are you interested in her?"

"I..." I thought about it and told Murray what happened in York these days.

Murray was more shocked than I was.

He told me his sister's name was Margaret. She was sent by her family when she was very young. Her last name was Moore, so it was not her real name.

After that, Murray helped me figure out when Margaret left.

I sat by and was so nervous!

When he told me the year, I thought.

She left at the same time as I was born.

My mood was very complicated. It turned out that Murray's sister may really be my mother.

"Do you have her contact information?" I asked Murray.

Murray shook his head. "We haven't been in touch for years. She didn't tell me when she left, but I can ask my family to see if they left anything."

"Thank you, master." I said excitedly.

"As you said, you were carried away by my sister's family. She should want to see you, too."

Murray looked a little sorry.

I thought Murray's family knew about Margaret, but three days later he didn't get any information.

It was Murray's grandfather who knew about it. He died a long time ago.

The only news was that Margaret was from York.

This clue was useless.

When I thought there was no hope, Murray suddenly handed me a picture.

I saw a bust of a woman on that piece of paper.

The paper was yellowish. It seemed very old.

The woman in the picture was sitting on a chair. Her hands were on her legs. Her black hair was tied in a braid and hung on her chest.

She had beautiful smile and eyes.

She was Margaret.

"She is so beautiful..."

I couldn't help but exclaim.

Murray stood by me and looked at the picture. He said, "this is what I drew for her. Take it away and take it to York. Maybe someone will know her."


I looked at Margaret in this picture and felt very kind.

I was almost sure the woman in the picture was my mother.

I discussed a lot with Murray over the next few days.

At last I decided that I would take Lester to York. He would introduce resources to me and help me find the right builders and form a new construction team.

He would help me set up a new studio in York.

A week after I made this decision, Lester and I set out for York.

When we arrived, Ming had everything ready for us, including Lester's kindergarten.

On the second day, I took Lester to kindergarten to register for preschool.

When I got the enrollment form, I was stunned.

I needed to fill in a lot of information.

Including information about his parents.

"Do I have to fill in all these?" I looked up and asked the kindergarten teacher.

The teacher nodded, "yes."

I hesitated for a moment. Although I was reluctant, I told the teacher, "I am a single mother."

After I finished, the teacher looked up and looked at me incredulously. He said, "what? Mr. Jessop, who signed up the other day, said he was the father of the child."