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The policeman's voice just sounded behind me.

I didn't care so much at all. I rushed straight in to the doorway, and I stooped down across the cordon into the hallway.

The corridor was empty and there was no one here.

For a moment I didn't know where to go.

When I hesitated, the police had caught up and held my arm directly. He yelled, "Are you a journalist?"

"No!" My arm was twisted and pressed by the police, and I couldn't turn back. I could only say, "I'm really the fiancee of the dean. He didn't go home. Tomorrow is his birthday, so I'm worried!"

I knew it was impossible for me to escape.

The police listened and hesitated. "Do you have a picture of you?"

A picture of us?

I thought about it and shook my head. "No."

"You don't even have a photo of both of you. And you tell me you are boyfriend and girlfriend. How could I believe that?" The police were angry. "I think you are a journalist!"

As he said, he took out the phone and called directly. "You send someone to the Sunshine Hospital. I caught a journalist."

I was anxious, "I'm really not a journalist! I'm a designer, and I can prove it!"

"Designer?" The police let me go, "Prove it."

I quickly took out my phone and looked up some of my old news from the internet for the police.

Fortunately, there were some interviews about me I have had before.

The policeman pressed me with one hand and held the cell phone with another hand. After watching the news, he stared at me suspiciously and said, "Although you prove that you are not a journalist, you cannot prove your relationship with the dean. I cannot tell you what happened."

"Then tell me if there are any dead in the hospital."

That is enough!

The policeman looked at me hesitantly and said, "I can only tell you that the dean is still alive."

These words made me feel at ease.

My nervousness calmed down.

But I quickly responded, "If he is alive, why is his phone turned off? Is something wrong? Is he injured?"

"No! If you do not leave now, my colleague will come and take you to the police station."

The police was getting tired of me.

However, I also saw that he really couldn't say anything about the hospital.

I had to leave the hospital.

When I got home, I checked it online. Sure enough, I found some news about the hospital.

I learned from the online news that the MERS epidemic was found in the Sunshine Hospital, and the entire hospital was now blocked.

I checked MERS online again.

I found out that this was a respiratory disease caused by a new coronavirus. This infectious disease was similar to SARS but had a higher lethality.

I panicked when I knew the news.

Will Ming be infected? Will he be okay?

"Happy broken pupa, gorgeous new impulse..."

When I was in a panic, my phone rang!

It was Ming!

I have never felt so excited at the moment because I saw Ming's phone!

"Ming, are you okay?" When I answered the phone, I asked first.

The phone was silent for a while before the man said, "Do you know all?"

Ming's voice was raucous and full of fatigue.

"I looked it up online. Some people said there was MERS virus in your hospital. I know it is a very contagious virus. Where are you now? Is everything okay? Are you infected?"

I asked several questions quickly.

But there were more questions in my mind.

I can not wait to see him!

"Well." He said calmly, "No, I am fine. That is... The hospital is blocked, so I can not get out."

Ming's voice had always been soft before.

But I could hear the husky voice in his voice this time. It was like an inflamed throat. I was nervous. "Are you sick?"

"No, I, uh..."

Ming tried to say something, but suddenly he coughed.

It was only a very light sound.

Apparently, Ming covered the phone when he realized he was going to cough, but he slowed down a bit and I heard that sound.

"You are sick!" At this moment, I finally realized he was in danger, "You are infected?"

"No." Ming quickly denied, "But we may not be able to celebrate my birthday together."

Because I just checked it online, and I was fully aware that...

"You are quarantined, are not you?" I asked Ming.


"You lied to me!" I have got a lot on my mind. "Ming, can you tell me clearly your situation? Don't make me worry!"

After I spoke, the phone fell silent again.

This silence was the kind of complete silence.

I guessed Ming must be coughing. He was afraid I could hear it. I simply said, "Don't cover the microphone. I can hear it!"

"Is that so?" The man suddenly spoke and coughed before saying, "I am so glad to hear that you are worried about me."

"I am really worried about you." I had no intention of covering up my thoughts and I said to him, "If you don't tell me what is going on over there, I will leave with Lester."

"All right." Hearing what I said, Ming quickly agreed.

I had my cell phone in my hands, and I was so nervous.

Although I wanted to know the situation over there, I was extremely nervous, and I was afraid to hear Ming was infected.

Because I learned from the Internet that even if this disease can be cured, it will cause great damage to the patient's body.

My ear was pressed against the phone, and I could hear a little heavy breathing from the man, so I made sure he did not cover the microphone.

A moment later, I heard him say, "I have a fever."

I was nervous again

He continued, "A few days ago, a patient was admitted to the hospital and had a fever. He started to experience kidney failure yesterday. I found out that he was infected with MERS. Now that patient has died, and we immediately told the CDC about this news."

"Later, people were sent over to block the hospital and observe the patients. The patients have all left now. There are only doctors in the hospital who are in close contact with the deceased. At present, two people have a fever. Unfortunately, I am one of them."

I listened to Ming, and my heart was perturbed.

I held the phone and asked him with courage, "That means you are infected?"

I was really afraid the answer was yes.

However, he asked me, "If I am infected and could die at any time, what are you going to do?"

"I will not allow it!"

Hearing what he said, I felt fierce heartache!

At this moment, I really found that he was very important to me!