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"But I don't think my sister will be happy…"Alisa mutters. Uncle Mark interrupts impatiently, "You're still young and don't understand anything. Well, don't make your sister unhappy by talking around. Go back to school today if you have nothing to do! "

"I see, Uncle…" Uncle is a snobbish businessman. Although she doesn't like him very much, he is her uncle after all. She dares not answer back. What she wants to say has been swallowed.

On the second day, at the gate of XX University in S city.

A red Ferrari sports car just stops at the center of the school gate. The streamlined body with the roof open shows wealth and wildness. A tight black leather suit can't cover Davis's wild figure at all, and a pair of black sunglasses of contemporary style can cover his sharp eyes. He leans obliquely on the door with his arms in his arms, glancing at the group of pure college students coming out of the school gate.

"Wow, this handsome guy is so cool. Who is he looking for?" The young girls stop, surrounding the car far away, and chatter. Pink bubbles are flying all over the sky.

Alisa, with her book in her arms, is standing out of the class and staring. Davis comes to her with his wild figure.

He takes her hand without any explanation. "Alisa, get in the car with me."

Alisa recognizes Davis. Her face is pale with fright. She draws back her hand and steps back away.

"Let go of me, I don't want to go with you…" Davis laughs and whispers, "Don't you want that video back?"

Alisa's eyes widen if she is struck by lightning. Davis lowers his voice, "No.99 of Binjiang Avenue, Sunshine Versailles Palace. Come to the house tonight if you want it… "Davis then straightens his body, puts his two fingers together, points to the middle of Alisa's double eyebrow, and touches it lightly for a second. The action is extremely domineering and evil. In the screams of the girls, Davis's car disappears swiftly at the end of the road.

"That means I won’t let you go!" Lucy, who has been beside Alisa, says in surprise with pushing her glasses. She comes to ask and makes faces, "Alisa, be honest, do you two have an “adultery”?"

The word of adultery hurts Alisa deeply. She looks back at Lucy and says, "You are “nymphomaniacal” and “mentally retarded”!" She turns around and strides away after saying that. Alisa rides her little bike and enters Binjiang Avenue slowly. This is a rich area far from downtown. It has beautiful scenery and single villa. Facing the sea, there are green grass and beautiful tulips along the way.

A row of white villas can be seen from far away, which are marked with Sun Versailles Palace. From the outside, the architectural style is of the French castle, which looks quite luxurious. Alisa locks her bike in the grass, carries her schoolbag, and goes to the black iron door.

"Cha…" There is a sharp brake behind Alisa. She looks back. Davis takes off the sunglasses on his handsome face and leans over to look at her. His eyes are awe inspiring.

"Get in the car…" He says in a very domineering tone.

Alisa moves to the front of the sports car like a turtle, hesitates for a moment, and decides to sit back.

"Come down!" Davis is in a very bad mood! "Sit by me! If you want to get the video, you have to be nice."

Alisa can only get off the car obediently and sits in the copilot's seat. For the sake of video, she forbears, Alisa hypnotizes herself.