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She drinks up the whole glass of wine. It's not spicy in the mouth, but it's full of stamina. Alisa's eyes look a little confused after drinking.

"Davis, Fuck you, don't break your promise…." Alisa shakes her fingers, points to Davis's blurry face and snaps.

Davis's hot kiss locks her lips as she speaks. As expected, the wine from the mouth of a woman is the most delicious.

In a daze, Alisa struggles to push Davis away, but in exchange for a stronger kiss. Alisa is paralyzed by alcohol and is as soft as cotton. Her cheeks are crimson, and she falls softly into Davis's arms. Her beautiful eyes are half opened and half squinted. Her disordered black hair is scattered on her shoulders, which is set off by her white and round shoulders. It has a kind of soul stirring beauty.

Davis gasps heavily. He roughly tears the clothes off her body and pins her on the sofa. Davis has met so many girls, but he has never met such a masterpiece.

Forty minutes pass and Alisa's liquor strength is getting weaker. The wine is not strong, but Alisa is a small drinker, so such a small glass of wine can make her drunk.

She looks at the man galloping on her body, and her pupils enlarge infinitely in an instant. Oh, my God, she is possessed by Davis again. She's going to break down. When her hand is ready, it's going to hit Davis, "Asshole, asshole, you rascal, I'm going to kill you…"

His powerful arms tightly imprison her soft hands. His height is 1.87 meters and his weight is more than 50 kilograms. She is no match for him at all. She cries with tears all over her face. She resists and resists stubbornly until she is sweating all over, while in exchange for his double sprint.

When shame, indignation, and a deep sense of humiliation hits Alisa, she is anxious to die. Unfortunately, she doesn't even have a chance to die. Davis growls and finally falls under her. Two sweaty bodies are so close together.

"Alisa, it's not the first time, why do you pretend to be pure…" Davis gets up and looks at her scornfully.

"Davis, you beast, hooligan, scum…"

Davis glances at her, gets up with a white towel around his vigorous body and throws a camera in front of her. "What you want is here, get out of here!" He says in a disgusted voice.