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Davis bows his head and kisses Alisa.

After so many hardships, the two finally come together.

Alisa holds his arm tightly, for fear she would lose him.

Three days later, Sam is sent back, and Alisa and Davis are preparing to sue Sam.

Sam asks to see Davis.

After Davis and Sam meet, Sam commits suicide in the police station that night.

He actually hides the poison in his pants and kills himself while the police aren't paying attention.

Alisa's condition gradually recovers. One week after returning from the United States, her legs could move.

Also, slowly the hair begins to grow.

Perhaps, Sam has already given her antidote.

"Davis, what does Sam say when he met you?"

Davis narrows his eyes unhappily, "He's all dead, do you still miss him?"

"No, I just...well, it doesn't matter what he says."

Davis's eyes gradually looks into the distance, and his face is covered with a shadow.

"Davis, are you angry? I won't mention him again."

Davis frowns slightly."Tomorrow is his funeral. Are you going?"


Alisa says resolutely. This man has made her suffer to much.

Davis turns around and hugs Alisa firmly.

Just hugs silently, without speaking.

"If one day I'm not by your side, will you take good care of yourself?" Davis asks.

Alisa raises her chin, "Wouldn't you want to break up with me again?"

She adds, "Davis, you are naive."

Davis reaches out and touches Alisa's nose, and bows his head and kisses her lips.

The two exchange heavy breaths, Alisa stretches out her hands and catch his neck.

Davis presses Alisa on the table...

It's late at night, Alisa is lying on the bed, and she is very peaceful in her sleep.

Davis holds her chin in his hands and looks at her fascinatingly.

He doesn't know in what way would he reduce the harm to her, but he has to leave.

In the sunny morning, Alisa slowly wakes up.

A beautiful chandelier becomes clear in her sight.


Alisa is still naked. The two had been fiercely enthusiastic last night. He had unlimited energy and wanted her again and again until she fell asleep.

Alisa moves her body and comes down from the bed.

No one responds to her.

"Nanny, where did you go?"

Alisa shouts, and the whole villa is unexpectedly quiet.

No one responds to her. Alisa walks downstairs without seeing anyone.

Alisa is a little flustered. She feels that there is something abnormal. She runs to the yard barefoot, and the security at the door is gone.

Is this still a dream?

Alisa desperately rubs her face, it hurts...

Where are they going?

"Nanny, Jordan, where are you?"

Something terrible must have happened, and then all of them go out.

Alisa rushes into the room, takes out her mobile phone...and glances at it, she is stunned.

The mobile phone shows today is the 28th, but she remembers that yesterday is the 26th...

No, that is not last night, that is the night before last night, and that is...that means she slept for two days and two nights.

Alisa realizes what has happened, and she recalls Davis's inexplicable words to her in the past few days.

She calls Davis, a voice comes quickly from the phone.

"Sorry, the call you dialed is no longer in use."

Alisa again hurriedly calls Jordan and Nanny.

All are cut down...

Wired, this is really wired.

Alisa turns on the TV and the news inside is reporting.

"Davis Group, a subsidiary of ST Group, is formally acquired by Baifa Chain Group today..."

What exactly is going on? Alisa collapses on the sofa.

Davis really left, he left her, and left with everyone.

Every time he left in such a hurry. Bastard. I will not forgive you anymore.

Alisa bursts into tears.

Davis just evaporates like this, and he doesn't leave her any clue, no news at all.

The only thing left is this villa, and the company of Colored Pencils.

Later, Alisa finds Susan. Susan is still managing the company, but the boss changes and she is still an assistant. At least Davis's whereabouts does not mention, she says she doesn't know.

Alisa is so crazy looking for Davis, but still no any information of him. And seven years have passed.


On the streets of Paris, a company's fashion department.

In a black leather swivel chair sits a mature and elegant figure. Seven years later, Alisa becomes mature.

She wears a tight black suit, with tall figure, fair skin, and big eyes.

Long hair is dyed burgundy and bunches into flower buds.

The whole person is fashion and experienced.

She is no longer the immature, timid and scared Alisa.

Today, she is the president of Colored Pencil Fashion.

In just seven years, she has turned Colored Pencil in to a listed company, and then slowly enters the fashion circle of Paris. Now she is mainly engaged in high-end women's clothing.

Alisa's eyes fall on the street outside the window.

Seven years ago, her unforgettable love is till imprinted in her mind.

However, even if she searches all over the world, she doesn't have any information about Davis, not even any information about the his family.

Someday she will find him.

"Alisa, there is a detective asking for you..."

The outside secretary stands at the door and says, Alisa turns around, "Well, come in."

Liszt is a typical Frenchman, with sharp eyes and thin lips, looking savvy.

Wearing a long British style trench coat, carrying a briefcase in his hand, politely greets her when he comes in.

"Hello, Miss Alisa."

"Sit down please, Mr. Liszt."

"By the way, you entrusted me to inquire about Davis family three months ago and now I got the news..."

Liszt opens the bag, takes out a stack of photos from it, spreads them all out, and puts it on the table.

Alisa reaches out and picks up the photo, which is the back of a man.

On different occasions. There is a reception at a manor house, a racing meeting, and a jockey, but each photo is a back view.

The man is tall and slender, exuding a powerful force all over.

Alisa holds these photos and shivers with excitement.

In recent years, she has asked private detectives to find it, but they ended in failure.

Only this time, she gets accurate information.

Just looking at this back, she thinks it is him.

"Miss Alisa, I wonder if this gentleman is the one you are looking for?"

Alisa looks excitedly at Liszt. "Have you found his address? What is his name? Where does he live?"

"Well, this person acts extremely low-key and seems to be a prominent family in high society, but this family is very mysterious and we can hardly find any clue."

Alisa slightly purses her lips, revealing a slight calm smile. She takes a check from the drawer, places it on the table, fills in a series of numbers, and pushes it in front of Liszt.

"Is this okay?"

Liszt takes the check and sees the money, showing a greedy smile.

"Miss Alisa is really generous. I have a suggestion. Although this person is extremely mysterious and low-key, there are various signs that he is still a fashion person and he is watching the media. As long as you make some sensation in Paris to get his attention, he should soon be in front of you."

Alisa raises her chin, and then smiles slightly.

"It looks like you still don't find out his name? If I can find him, why should I pay for you?"

"Oh, Miss Alisa, you have already paid the money, and there is no remorse."

Alisa laughs slyly, "I haven't signed on it."

Liszt sees that this is a check needed a signature and feels disappointed.

"You have to help me check it. If you have and of his clues, I'll sign it."

"Miss Alisa, how can you do that?"

"So? I've paid you more than 50,000 dollars, Mr. Liszt, if you can't do this, I would rather spend the money to invite others."

"Well, Miss Alisa, I will have more clues."

Liszt has to leave in a daze.

Alisa looks at his back and falls into deep thoughts.

If he is really in this city, then he can definitely see her.

Alisa hits the table with a pen. For a long time, she presses the inside line. After a while, the secretary hurries in.

"Which TV station did you say would interview me with last time?"

"It's Max from Fashion Youth Channel."

"Well, call her that I accept her interview."


Three days later, a TV station 's fashion youth interview program, among many blondes, Alisa looks particularly handsome.

In front of the camera, she is very calm.

"President Alisa, hello, thank you very much for coming to our fashion youth show..."

The host is very skilful in the opening remarks.

"Hello, nice to meet you." Alisa calmly shakes hands with the host.

At this moment, in front of the TV, a pair of dark eyes are watching the beautiful Chinese woman motionlessly.

"I heard that it only took you three years to build a small company into an international fashion one. What is your biggest experience in this process?"

"Uh, I think it should be harder work than ordinary people, plus a little luck."


After ten minutes of conversation, the host suddenly asks humorously, "Does Miss Alisa have a boyfriend?"

Those dark eyes suddenly become tense.