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"Oh, not yet..."

"What kind of men does Miss Season like? The men in Paris all want this opportunity."

"Well, it is hard to say, but I am fond of taller and more romantic men..."

"Wow, guys, you hear. Miss Alisa's requirements are very low, everyone has a chance."

In the exaggeration of the host, the interview is officially ended.

Alisa comes out of the bathroom and exhales deeply.

After a while, the secretary hurries in.

"Miss Alisa, there is a man outside who wants to send you flowers. He drives a large van full of roses."

Alisa frowns. Could it be him?

Her heart begins to jump without rhythm, follows the secretary and runs outside the company. Sure enough, when she sees it from a distance, she sees a truck of roses.

"Alisa, so high-profile marriage. Should I have a chance?"

Jack appears in her sight, and Alisa is slightly disappointed.

However, as an old friend, Alisa is also very enthusiastic.

"Hey, so many roses, do you collect all the roses in Paris?"

"Yes, you are right. In order to prevent other men from chasing after you, I bought all the roses. Am I wise?"

"Uh-huh, you are so clever. With so many roses, I plan to go back and make rose cakes, rose cookies, rose syrup, rose wine, wow.

"Hey, that sounds good, beauties. Would you like to go out with me tonight?"

"Well, okay. Wait for me for one hour."

"No problem, just an hour. Even if I wait another seven years, I'm willing to..."

Jack says indifferently.

Alisa walks in with a smile. She doesn't know why there is a strange feeling.

In fact, for so many years, she always feels that Davis has been watching her somewhere. Although she could not see him, she believes that he must be nearby.

In the restaurant, Jack has ordered food already.

"How's it going on today? Why do you want to get married?"

Alisa shakes the red wine glass in her hand." There is no marriage, just to improve the company's reputation. And just find some handsome guys. You know, I have been lonely for a long time.

"How about me?" Jack gets close to her, and both people could hear each other's heartbeat.

Alisa has already learned calmness, and is no longer the kind of little girl who blushes every time.

She reaches out and pinches Jack.

"You, no. You can't handle me."

"Really? Let's do it tonight?" Jack says vaguely.

Indeed, the women around him have changed one after another over the years, but there has never been a girl he loved.

For him, a woman is a tool for libido, but Alisa is his only constant goal, but this woman's heart has never been on him.

"Go, stop fooling around, I'm not your sex partner. In my life, you are such a good friend. If I become a lover, I will have no friends."

In fact, she never let go of Davis.

The two talk for a while, and Alisa is so happy that she drinks a few more. When she comes out, she totters a bit.

"I'll send you back."

Jack helps Alisa in his car.

Alisa leans her head on the back seat of the car and watches the scenery passing by outside. She is silent.

It is a long time before she says lightly.

"In another month, if he doesn't show up, I'll follow you."

Jack looks at her and chuckles, "Not in a hurry. You have to clean up the people in your heart thoroughly."

The car stops in front of an apartment. Jack reaches out to help Alisa, and Alisa slips under his feet and falls just in his arms.

Alisa is dizzy for a moment. She hasn't smelled the man's body for a long time, and her heartbeat is a little faster.

Jack hugs her quietly. His face looks far away from her more and more.

The breathing of both people is a bit chaotic, and Alisa suddenly pushes him away.

"Good night, I'm going home."

Jack puts his hands in his trousers pockets, and looks at her with a smile.

"Good night, see you tomorrow."

Alisa walks to her house, takes the key to open the door, and pushes in, she reaches out to press the light switch.

Before touching the switch, in the dark, a figure comes over, like a cheetah, pressing her against the wall.

"Who are you?" Alisa asks with a trembling voice.

"Are you so hungry?"

In the darkness, a familiar voice sounds.

Is it him? It seems unlikely. This must be a dream.

"Let me go, who are you? Help..."

Alisa opens his mouth and shouts, but is blocked by his kiss.

He presses her against the wall, his big hand rubbing on her,. He wildly sucks the sweet smell in her mouth over and over again.

Alisa instinctively enjoys his caress. She has longed for it for a long time.

Taste in memory, power in memory, caress in memory...


She reaches out and presses the light switch. The white light illuminates the man in front of her clearly.

It isn't dreaming or fantasy. It is him.

Seven years have passes, leaving no traces on his face, more mature than before, and with more charm.

So he frowns slightly, staring at her sharply.

Alisa flies back into his arms and hugs him tightly.

"Davis, is it really you?"

"Of course, aren't you disappointed that you think I am the muscular man outside, right?"

Davis's tone is as vicious as ever, and Alisa takes a step back, then looks at him, and suddenly becomes very angry.

"Go away, you are not welcome here."

"You just responded to my kiss so enthusiastically just now. Will you drive me away mercilessly now?"

"Asshole, you disappeared for seven years. Do you know how I came over these seven years?"

Davis stares deeply at her, then says quietly, "I know."

"You know..." Alisa becomes even more sorrowful. He knows that but he doesn't even come out.

"You bastard, now that you know that. Why don't you show up. Why don't you come to me, oh..."

Alisa steps back and looks at him with horror.

"Are you married?"


Davis immediately denies.

"Then why don't you come to me?"

"I have trouble."

Davis says in pain.

In these seven years, his pain is no less than hers.

"Trouble? Well, Davis, what are you still doing now? Are you going to continue to take me as your lover? I tell you the truth, I'm not selling myself now." Alisa looks at him warily.

Davis raises an eyebrow."Then I sell myself to you, okay?"

"Asshole, get out, I don't want to see you..."

Seven years, not seven days, how many days and nights, she suffers from missing him.

This guy is standing here easily, his face is okay.

"Alisa, don't get angry..."

Davis slowly steps forward, holding her in his arms, her voice is deep and sexy.

"Trust me, we can have a better future."

"Asshole, go away, don't touch me..." Alisa roars annoyingly.

"Look at you. You are so angry. Let me help you, OK?"

Davis puts his hands in her waist, takes her to his arms, and bows his head and kisses.

He kisses her lips deeper.

An excitement floods in her. Every cell in her body seem to be shouting happily....

At this point, Davis kisses her soft lips, and her aroma makes him addicted.

He unbuttons her suit, hands under her shirt, holding her soft breast and rubbing gently.

"Baby, you are still so sexy and charming, I want you."

Now she is lying softly in his arms, greedily enjoying his caress. She raises her small face and longs for more love.

He kisses her ear, wet kiss all the way...

He puts her on the sofa, and takes off her shirt with his big hands, exposing the white and tender skin.

He bows his head and kisses her soft breasts, and she arches her body closer to him.

He kisses and rips her skirt freely.


Alisa's face is crimson, and her beautiful eyes are half open and half full, full of ambiguous blurry expression.

Davis is excited all over. He takes off the clothes on his body, raises Alisa's legs, and penetrates hard...

As the climax comes, she bursts into tears of excitement.

The tears are of joy and happiness.

She loves him, doesn't she? She still loves him so much.