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Chapter 1 Woman Who Doesn't Love Money

The busy night shift is finally over. Nina Morrison changes her waitress's uniform and looked out the window at the rainy night and begin to worry. There are too many guests today and the closing time is delayed by half an hour. She missed the last bus.

The taxi cost more than five dollars, which is enough to buy a meal of pork for her dad. And he decides just walk home. Nina looks at the old leather shoes on her feet. They are cracked. One more dip, and they will be completely ruined! Well, she cannot afford a new one!

She must hurry home as soon as possible. Daddy must still be waiting for her.

Rains hit her in the face with the wind so hard that she could hardly open her eyes.

Suddenly, a glare of bright light swept through, "Squeaky... ", a silver car with a fierce posture suddenly stopped, along with sharping noise of the brake! Nina is blinded by the hard light, and knocks to the ground before she could take any reaction.

With the intense pain in her knees and arms, Nina Morrison tries to stand up, but only stumble and fall to the ground.

A man rushed out of the car and swear at her, "What's your problem you bastard? Are you hurrying to the hell?"

How can this driver be such unreasonable! The traffic light was red and she walked is the crosswalk.

"How dare you scold me as you run a red light?" Nina trembles with anger as she looks at the flashy car parked in front of her, "You can run a red light just because you are rich? I have got your license plate number. Do you believe that I am going to report you at the police station?"

The driver did not expect the woman to be such a difficulty to deal with. He is just to speak when the car window slowly slid down and a deep but attractive voice comes out, "give her 1000 dollars, and send her away."

"Yes, my master!" The driver immediately put on a respectful tone.

"Bang!" A thick pile of money is thrown on Nina that makes her in pain! The driver gives her a look as if it is a reward and turns to get in the car.

Nina's eyes are red with anger and angry tears roll her eyes. She looks up desperately to keep the tears from falling. Picking up the banknotes on the ground, she endures the pain of the knee and arm, and with all her strength, throw them to the driver's arrogant back!

"Shit!" The driver does not see that coming, and the money hit him accurately. He turns around in furious and threatens to hurt her.

"Ryan!" The man sitting in the car stopped the driver. Nina looks into the car, the light of the streetlight slanting into the window and into a man's face.

It is such a handsome face, just like what they say about ancient emperors in the legend stories. The aloof black eyes shine unfathomable light. And right now, he is looking at Nina in mockery.

"Come here!" He hooks his finger at Nina and says in a defiant tone, with irresistible force.

The man is far too handsome. Looking at his cheeks, Nina Morrison is in a daze, walking involuntarily to the window.

"Um... It hurts!" Nina's tiny jaw is suddenly seized by the man's palm! She exclaims, "What are you doing? Let me go! "

The man stares at her sharply just like she has become his prey, stroking her delicate cheeks with his big hands and saying with a sardonic smile, "How could there be a woman who does not love money? "

Nina feels painful with his pinch so she tries to break free of his grip. But the man's strength is amazing! She cannot move just for a little bit!

Nina's bright eyes glare at him with hatred, "just because you are rich and you think you can do whatever you want? Let go! Or I will go to the police and sue you! For your running a red light, as well as your sexual harassment!"

The man laughs scornfully, the palm stiffened, and Nina feels her jaw is about to crumple and her pale face shrivels in pain.

"You're a madman!" Nina Morrison could barely speak.

The man's dark pupils suddenly shrink and he releases the big hand! Without the force, Nina Morrison falls to the ground unguarded.

A gold card is thrown out of the window. The man's proud voice carries pity of highness," This is my name-card, can take it to the police station to sue me! Of course, if you need medical care, you can take it to Gray's to find me!"