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Chapter 2 The Men She Wants To Marry

Lamborghini gallops away, splashing muddy water that soaks Nina Morrison's already wet clothes. Nina sits on the muddy ground, tears of anger falling out! She picks up that golden card, tries to tear it, but it is too hard to beat! Even this man's business card is such a bully!

The phone in the bag suddenly rings.

She slips his card into her pocket and looks at the caller ID. Damn, it is her stepmother Doris Lauren!

"Nina Morrison! Do you know what time it is? Yet you are not going home to cook! Do you want to starve us?"

Before she has time to speak, Doris Lauren's voice came out, shaking Nina's eardrum. Damn it! She would have been home by now. Without this accident, dinner would have cooked by now.

Not knowing if dad is hungry, Nina struggles to get up from the ground and hobbles toward her home, thinking of her half-unconscious dad lying on the bed.

The skirt is wet through, and the hair is wet against her face. The night wind blows in, freezing to the bone.

Pushing through the rusty door, Nina is about to take off her wet shoes when she hears Doris Lauren's terrifying voice shouting in the room. "Eat, eat, and eat! You cannot earn a penny but in a lot of debt. What else do you want from me? "

The stepmother is scolding her father again. Nina Morrison feels a sharp pain in the heart. She hastily changes her wet clothes, walks down to the kitchen and washes her hands to start cooking quickly.

Two dishes and a soup are served on the table, a mixed pickle, a stir-fried green vegetables, a tomato egg soup, which is the only one with a bit of oily flavor. Nina gets a bowl of rice, grabs some green vegetables, scoops up some tomato and egg soup, and carries the bowl into the back room.

In the middle of the bed lays Nina Morrison's father, Barry Morrison, his dazed eyes are half-open and half-closed, and the whole person is in a semi-coma. He had a heart attack and has been this for a while since the bankruptcy of Morrison's company.

Nina holds her father's head against her and feed him little by little. Looking at his thin cheeks, she feels sadness.

A sharp female voice comes to her ears, "Mom, how can we eat this for dinner?" It is the stepmother's daughter Grace Lauren. Since her stepfather broke, she seldom goes home. What brings her back today?

"If you do not want to eat this, then find a rich husband, and then you can eat whatever you like." Doris Lauren does not have a good attitude for her own daughter either.

After the meal, Nina Morrison washes the dishes and go back to her room to take a bath and to wash the wet clothes she has changed.

"Nina! Where did you get this?" Grace holds the card excitedly and her eyes turn into red.

"Ah?" Seeing the card in Grace's hand, Nina remembers the proud man in Lamborghini. "I got hit by a car today, and the card is from the owner." Says Nina faintly.

"Do you know whose card this is?" Nina's subtle tone makes Grace feel incredible! Her white, nail red-painted fingers points to the name on the card, "Lucien Gray, Lucien Gray! He's the president of Gray's!"

The Gray Group? Lucien Gray? Nina is a little confused about Grace's florid expression.

"The Gray's Group, the world's leading consortia, has property, entertainment, catering, transportation, mining, oil and even military arms! Their influence is throughout Asia, Africa, and Latin America. It is a super plutocrat in the whole world! In many countries, the election of leaders is even dominated by the Gray's Group! Lucien Gray, president of the group, was named the number one on the list of men that women want to marry in the world by the POWER magazine! He is not only rich, powerful, but also handsome! Legend tells that his women are countless, but he never stays with them for more than seven days!"

Nina was a little distracted watching Grace's blabber and blabber mouth. This Lucien Gray, sounds rich, but what does that have to do with her.

Grace looks at Nina as if she is an idiot. She cannot believe there is a woman who will not scream on hearing Lucien Gray's name.

"Nina, do you know what this card means?" Grace asks deliberately, knowing that Nina could not have known.

"What does that mean?" Nina yawns. She does not have a good impression of this president. He is just a rich man who is bossy.

"It means that anyone who holds the card is free to enter the T. S private club under the name of Gray's! It is said that Lucien Gray often goes to that club!" Grace Lauren is excited again! Because she has a bold plan in her heart!

"Oh!" Nina says absently, completely unaware of the flash in Grace's eyes. It's because there is a big pile of laundry which is waiting her.