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Chapter 3 Bold Idea

At night the T.S Club is ablaze with lights, a seven-story firework fountain with elegant music sprays charming water mist. Fancy cars gather in front of the club, and men and women here wears fashionable and expensive clothes.

In a middle of fancy cars, a taxi that does not fit in stops suddenly. Peeking out a pair of long legs from the door, Grace Lauren in a tight black dress walks down from the car.

Her bright red lips, amazing body curves, tinged with brown wavy long hair, gives off a seductive smell.

The doorman in front of the door has noticed Grace Lauren coming down from the taxi. His eyes flashed with contempt, "Another vain woman who wanted to catch a golden husband!"

Reaching out to stop Grace Lauren, who is twisting her waist toward the golden glass door, the doorman politely but coldly says, "Miss, we are a private club, only members can enter."

Grace Lauren proudly raises the card in her hand; the golden light of it flashes the doorman's eyes. In C city, only one person can use a golden card. That is Lucien Gray.

The doorman's attitude tunes immediately, and he bows respectfully. "Come in, miss. Have a nice evening!" Lucien Gray, the most powerful man in the city of C. How dare her to get in the way of Lucien's woman!

Pleased with a smile, Grace Lauren shakes hair, steps into the golden door.

"Grace!" A voice of surprise comes from the nearby. Grace Lauren turns her head to look. It is her high school classmate Ryan.

"Ryan! What are you doing here?" In Grace Lauren's memory, Ryan is just a little punk who showed interest in her, but she never gave him a chance.

"Today we are having a little party at T. S. I drive the president of Gray here. I am his driver now!" Ryan's voice is rather complacent. After all, the driver of the Gray family is not a job for anyone.

"Gray's? President Gray? Do you mean Lucien Gray?" Grace Lauren's eyes lit up! She is so lucky! Thought it would take some thought, she did not expect the opportunity!

In the dimly lit suite, Ryan is pressing on Grace, the air is filled with the smell of desire.

"Ryan... the ting you promised me, you must make it happen!" The woman wriggles wildly.

"I can put drugs in the president's drink, but I cannot help you more! You know, the president only wants virgins!"

"What?" Grace's body temperature suddenly drops several degrees, "You said Lucien Gray just want virgins?"

"Yes! Don't you know that? For the first night, she must be a virgin, and no matter how beautiful she is, the shelf life is only seven days!"

Grace Lauren feels her blood inside the body has fallen to freezing point! She does not know that Lucien Gray has such a hobby! What can she do!

Grace narrows her eyes and a bold thought comes to mind...

The night grows dark, and the two of them, who writhed in the beds, subside. Grace Lauren hands the pill to Ryan and says, "Ryan, everything is counting on you. If I become Lucien Gray's woman, I will repay you for your help!"

Nina Morrison, who is working in the restaurant, suddenly feels a jolt from her cell phone in her pocket and a call comes in.

A strange phone-call comes through, and Nina answers, "Hey, sis, what's up?"

"Come to room 1806 at the T.S. clubhouse. Your sister is drunk. Come to pick her up. Remember, room 1806." A man's voice comes from the phone.

"Ah?" Nina Morrison is trying to speak. But the phone has been disconnected. She calls again, but no one answers.

Nina hurriedly tells her friend, Jennie, who is also working part time at the restaurant, and then hurries to take a taxi to the T.S club.