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Chapter 4 Painful and Numb

In the house of T.S. Club.

In a hurry, Nina comes in, wearing a blue dress. She has black shawl and straight hair, a pair of clear, watery eyes, and an anxious little face.

The doorman in the doorway nods quietly. "Yes, this woman, as Lucien Gray's driver Ryan said, beautiful but shabby, who comes over tonight to spend the night with Lucien Gray."

"Excuse me! How do I get to Room 1806?" Asks Nina Morrison anxiously.

"Is this Miss Nina Morrison, please?" The doorman asks gallantly, secretly think that this little girl is really pure water and tender, Lucien Gray is really blessed! It is good to be rich!

"Yes, I am. How do I get to Room 1806?"

"Take the elevator on the left side of the lobby to the 18th floor, it is the largest and most luxurious suite at the end of the corridor."

Thanked the doorman in a hurry, Nina trots all the way to the elevator. Why is a strange man calling her? How did sister show up at such a high-class club? With a lot of questions, Nina Morrison came to the 18th floor.

The corridor is quiet, and the floor is covered with a thick white carpet of wool, and the sound of Nina's walking is completely absorbed, which makes her feel uncomfortable.

Genuine paintings from all around the world hung on the walls of expensive wallpaper, and Nina would have screamed in surprise of seeing them. But now, she is not in the mood to appreciate it.

The air is filled with a mysterious and oppressive atmosphere, and as Nina Morrison steps toward the end of the corridor, her heart begin to thump uncontrollably!

In 1806, four figures in bronzing appeared before her eyes. Sister's in there!

With her long white fingers stretched out, Nina Morrison taps on the door. Inside the door there is complete silent.

Nina pushes a little harder.

"Creak...", A slight noise, seemingly thick oak door is pushed open by her! The door is unlocked! The room is dark, without any light or sound!

"Sis... are you there? Sis?" Nina Morrison feels a little cold on her back, and this room gives her a strange fear!

She does not hear Grace Lauren's response, but only vaguely hear heavy breathing, as if trying to endure some pain.

Poor sister..., Nina Morrison fumbles toward the gasp. Grace must be very drunk and she must quickly take her home, give her some sobering-up soup to drink.

The breathing comes closer and closer to her! All of a sudden, Nina feels the hairs on her back stand up! Someone's behind her!

Before she could respond, the next second she is held tightly by a pair of powerful big hands! It is not her sister! This is a pair of male hands, very hot, with the danger of destroying everything and bullying!

"Ah! Who are you? "Nina screams, her body wriggling instinctively, trying to break free of the man's grip.

The man in the dark does not answer her question. The strong body deceives her, the force on the big palm increases, the hard, muscular thighs strongly imprison her legs, and the other hand directly deceives her body!

Nina struggles, "No! Let go of me!" Her shouts are so broken and her body trembles with terror.

The man's plunder does not stop, and the fiery words on her lips in the rough toss. Nina is startled and frightened. She bite him hard, a faint smell of blood fills in her mouth!

The man snorts painfully, apparently irritated by Nina Morrison!

"Ah!" The extreme fear makes Nina shriek wildly and her fingers began scratching at the man! But no matter how deep her nails are, how tight her teeth are, how desperate her cry is, the man still pierce her body without pity!

"No!" The pain nearly knocks Nina out. The tearing sensation makes her heart stop beating. The remaining reason tells her that she has lost her virginity! But she does not even know who this man is! She does not even know what he looks like!

Tears run down. It is a heavy drop, bitter, and hard to swallow.

Darkness is filled with the smell of blood. She does not know how long it has been. She has been numb with pain. She only knows that her eyes are swallowed by the darkness and her heart is completely broken.