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Chapter 5 Where Did You Go Last Night

The early morning sunshine, with a touch of warmth through the gauze curtains, fall on the luxurious queen bed. On the snow-white sheet, Nina's long, silky hair is already tangled and the body is covered in bruises.

Her long lashes covers the clear eyes, under the small white nose, pink lips are stained with some blood trace.

With a gentle groan, Nina Morrison wakes up, feeling a pain in her head and aching all over her body.

With her bright eyes up, Nina covers her mouth with her hand while in shock! An exclamation is pressed deep in the throat!

Beside her lies a strong man that makes her suddenly stares at him with beautiful eyes!

The scene last night is replaying in her head like a movie. The wild looting and biting, the endless pain and suffering, all of that made Nina Morrison tremble all over!

With tears falling out of control, she climbs down the queen bed, picks up the floor of the skirt to wrap herself, but only to find that the skirt is torn into strands of cloth! From the rag-like torn skirt, it is not hard to see the unsympathetic tear force.

What is she going to do! The man in bed could wake up any minute, and she has to get out of the room as soon as possible!

Amid the clutter of clothes on the ground, a white, masculine shirt was tangled with her dress, and Nina hold her arms tightly to her chest, covers her body, and creep slowly down the bed. She gently picks up the white shirt with the slowest movement.

The man behind her is still asleep without a sound. That gives Nina Morrison a little peace of mind.

She picks up a piece of torn cloth from the dress and ties it around the waist. The long, big shirt suddenly becomes a shirt skirt that can wear going out. Nina make her messy hair up with her hands, looks at the man's back again and runs away from the suite!

In the dilapidated shantytowns.

Nina is hurrying to change the white shirt in the dark, damp room. On the shirt still remains the scent of that man. It is cold, evil, bullying and full of the power to destroy everything! The smell was a silent reminder of last night. The scene of the night was flooding back before her eyes, and Nina could not help shaking again!

She lost her virginity but she does not even know who the man is!

Bang! The door is slammed open, Grace Lauren comes in with a strong pungent aroma.

"Nina! Where were you last night? You have not been home all night!" Asks Grace Lauren angrily. Looking at Nina, who has just taken off half her clothes with her bare skin covered in bruises and hickeys, Grace is satisfied as well as jealous.

Last night's dose of aphrodisiac was so high. It must have been painful for Nina to endure the rape of a man who had been drugged? But Lucien Gray was the one who rape her! How many women are lined up to get into his bed!

Grace Lauren's narrow eyes narrows and tries to hide her true feelings.

Hearing the words of Grace Lauren, Nina's heart sinks to the bottom. It looks like her sister does not even know about last night! Who the hell is that? Who led her to the club in the name of her sister?

No, she cannot tell her sister about last night! Just let her heal herself in the corner, she does not want the second person to know!

Nina lowers her eyes and her long lashes cast a dense shadow over her thin white cheeks. She looked fragile but stunning.

"Sis! Last night is a classmate's birthday and we celebrated all night long!" Nina covers her body with the shirt. Her voice is a little bit short with an unnatural tremor.

Grace Lauren's lip angle revealed a dark and cruel smile. This little girl is really scheming to refuse to tell her the truth! But that is good. She saved a lot of trouble explaining.

Grace gets a glimpse of the white shirt and pulls it from Nina. The white shirt is with excellent quality and the workmanship and the style are first-class. Although it is only a plain white shirt, but it reveals the extraordinary noble spirit! At the cuff of the shirt, elegant letters of "L.G" are embroidered with fine gold thread.

L.G? Lucien gray's initials for his name? This shirt belongs to Lucien Gray? Did Lucien Gray give this to Nina Morrison? Grace Lauren feels nervous and her tone becomes very bad, "Nina! Where did you get this shirt?"