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Chapter 6 You Taste Is So Bad?

Nina is suddenly aware that Grace can never know the truth! With her character, Grace will surely make it known to all! Nina can't take the humiliation!

"Oh, well, I borrowed it from my classmates. I stained my clothes last night..." Nina Morrison observes Grace's face as she speak whit some fear of making a dent.

Grace turns her eyes and thinking that since Nina said so, she certainly does not know the true identity of Lucien Gray. That is it!

"Nina, this shirt is a little dirty. I will take it and wash it for you."

Watching Grace walks out of the room with the shirt in her hands, Nina frowns and feels curious. Her sister never did any housework. What makes she help her wash clothes today?

But she feels good about that Grace have taken the man's clothes. She was going to throw it anyway. She does not want anything to do with that man!

The 27-storey glass curtain wall of the Gray's Company Building glistens in the sun.

The front hall on the first floor is tastefully decorated and low-key, with outstanding taste everywhere. It is said to have been designed by Lucien Gray himself.

Standing in the shiny marble floor, Grace Lauren swings her waist buttocks against the glass door, enjoying the graceful posture. Today this deep V tight skirt is her most expensive and beautiful dress. Her white skin and exquisite curves seem to be very attractive.

The young lady at the front desk looks at Grace Lauren with a familiar glance. "Miss, what can I do for you?" The woman is dressed so coquettish; she must be some kind of lover of the president.

"I am looking for Lucien Gray!" Replies Grace Lauren haughtily, reaching out to fondle her curly hair and trying to flirt with male staff crossing by.

"Do you have an appointment, please?"

"Do I need an appointment? You tell the president that I was the woman who spent the night with him last night." Grace Lauren says proudly.

The president's office is at the top floor.

Lucien Gray, who wanted to press the phone after hearing from the front desk secretary, has several meetings today and is not in the mood to deal with the women.

But Lucien smiles like an evil when he heard the woman came to him was for last night.

Last night's woman, indeed, is a little different from the other women. If other women are French cuisine, she is a porridge dish. He is used to eating a big meal and occasionally taste the porridge dish also seems to be good.

"President Gray!" A delicate voice comes into the president's office.

Lucien Gray looks up from the laptop. A woman in an exposed dress stands at the door. The neckline of the deep v is deliberately lowered, almost to the navel. Pair of watery blossom eyes is painted with heavy makeup.

Lucien Gray frowns. The woman in the bed last night appeared to be innocent and tender. The gorgeous woman in front of him did not seem to match. What is going on? Does she dress like this to please him? How bad his taste has become!

Lucien's dark eyes stare pointedly at Grace Lauren, and he says nothing. The depression causes by him makes Grace feel nervous. Does Lucien see through that she is a fake?

Hastily, she pulls out the neatly folded white shirt from her bag, points to the L.G at the cuff. Grace moves quickly to Lucien Gray to hand it over to him and says, "Sir, I come to return your shirt."

As she speaks, she wriggles her slender waist. Her plump body almost comes to Lucien Gray's face!