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Chapter 7 You Don't Want?

Lucien gray slouches over the back of his chair as he closes his laptop. The smile on his mouth is a bit seductive and his slightly narrowed eyes are too deep to see any emotion. Some buttons of his shirt are unbuttoned. And his wheat-colored chest is strong, giving off a deadly masculine charm.

A few red tides flow in Grace Lauren's cheeks. In her view, Lucien Gray's action is a naked invitation! It is time to show her femininity!

She walked along the wide desk toward Lucien Gray!

Grace looks at Lucien Gray with her eyes a little blurred. He is so handsome and rich. If she can get him, then she will not have to worry for the rest of her life! She will not have to live in that low shantytown anymore!

But Lucien Gray does not seem to take any action! He is still lounging in his chair, smiling. But his dark eyes are as cold as ice.

Grace is a little anxious. She sit on Lucien Gray's lap!

Lucien takes Grace in his arms and looks at her delicate and beautiful face with a smile on his face.

Grace's face flushes. A glimmer of interest shines in her eyes.

It seems that what they say about president Gray, such as he is extremely choosy about woman and he only likes big star and virgin, is baloney! She just twisted her waist and already got him.

Grace continues to wriggle. Her tender hands rub Lucien Gray's chest. But Lucien is still not responding! She is a little annoyed. Grace put her ruddy lips close to Lucien Gray's ears and whispers seductively, "Lucien, don't you want it?"

Suddenly, her hair is held tightly by a large, hard palm from the back. The pulling makes her scalp pain!

Staring at him in shock, Grace realizes Lucien Gray's handsome face is very close. His face is only a few millimeters from her and the heat of his breath makes her tremble!

Grace is just about to say something, the next second, she has been picked up by Lucien Gray, whose black eyes stares coldly into her astonished eyes, and he utters two words from his mouth. "Get out! "

Grace Lauren widens her eyes! What is going on here? How can things turn into like this?

Did not Lucien just get carried away by her? Why would he want her to leave now? Does she get it wrong?

Looking at Grace's idiotic expression, Lucien Gray wearily stepped up his hand and threw her into the wide sofa by the wall!

Taking out the checkbook from his desk, brushing down a few numbers, Lucien Gray throw the check on Grace's face. His attractive voice sounded cold and harsh. "Get out! Now!"