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Chapter 8 You Are Really Generous

Nina is 20 minutes late for her shift when she hurried from school to the Prague restaurant.

It is her third job and also the most rewarding part-time job. Prague Restaurant is the best Western restaurant in the city of C. So the rules here are very strict. Being late for three times or receiving one complaint from a guest, and you will be fired immediately.

Nina wears a light blue waiter uniform and runs to the passing area. Sunny must have waited for a long time, she thinks!

"Sunny! I am sorry! The professor overran class today!" Nina repeats her apologies.

"No problem Nina! Huh huh, today I wish I am on duty!" Sunny's face is with a glimmer of anticipation and joy. Her big eyes show a lot of expectation.

"Ah? Why? The manager is giving out bonus today? "

"No!" Sunny makes a grimace. "This is better than bonus! I heard the president of Gray's is coming today!"

"The president of Gray's?" Nina face is frozen. Gray. Why does it sound so familiar? It seems to be popping up in her ears a lot recently.

Sunny reaches out and squeezes the tiny and innocent face of Nina. "Lucien Gray! I heard he is so handsome and generous. His fans can line up to circle the earth!"

"Huh huh, that is too exaggerated! Besides, he is handsome and rich, and what does it have to do with us?" Nina shrugs disapprovingly and handles the orders quickly.

"Maybe it is your turn to serve Lucien Gray? Then the president of Gray sees your beautiful face, and the small waist. And suddenly he falls in love with you and then marries you. Madam President, do not pretend that you don't know me when you come to dinner in a Ferrari with a 20-carat diamond in Chanel's latest fashion cloth!" She pretended to be miserable, shaking Nina's arm with her hand.

Nina Morrison jumps to mess with her. Saying, "You bad guy! I will tell everyone about your funny story."

The two girls frolicked into a mess.

"Nina! Soda for table 12, come on!" Nina makes a funny look to sunny and picks up the plate to go to the vestibule.

The job is well paid, but it is still very tiring. The people who come are powerful. And of course they are more difficult to serve. Nina is careful all the time and is afraid of any mistakes. She can't lose the job. The family is still in debt.

With a professional smile on her face, she is stunned to see a guest at table 12--the recently flushed actress, Sulia.

A month ago, she is a little-known little actress. But she turns popular after starring in a romantic movie. It is said that she is backed by a consortium, so the publicity team are the most powerful.

Sulia is really beautiful! A soft and thick hair casually linked, so that the white delicate neck presents a attractive radian. The delicate and bold makeup makes the deep and remarkable features appear more charming. The white drag ground skirt with the back of the large V word expose a lot of really eye-catching skin.

"Excuse me! Here is your soda!" Nina smiles and put down the glass.

"Thank you!" Although polite and uncritical, Sulia's voice is cold and there is no thanking in it.

The phone on the white lace tablecloth rings. It is a Vertu, the world's top luxury mobile phone, with diamonds as shell. There are only 200 phones of this kind in the world and you cannot buy them just because you have the money.

Nina is secretly curious. Although Sulia is a front-line actress right now, but this mobile phone seems a bit too much. Perhaps it really comes from rich supporter. It is a generous present!