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Chapter 9 Hate This Man

Sulia glances at the huge screen of the phone with a sweet smile on her face and presses the catch button with her long fingers.

"Darling, where have you been? Why are you not here yet! It is boring to have me waiting for you here alone!" Sulia's voice is so soft that men could hardly resist it.

The great beauty that is like a iceberg has such a little girl face! Seeing her change, Nina is curious about the people on the other end of the phone.

"What? Let me guess where you are? What a bad guy!" Sulia's gorgeous little mouth pounced, "Have not you taken off yet?"

Nina is whispering in her heart that couples are so bored and nauseated. Even big stars are the same!

"Baby, you have no faith in me!" The voice of the man on the other end of the phone is deep and attractive.

Eh! The sounds seem to come from behind. Nina and Sulia turn around at the same time.

He wears a tailored suit of black Armani suits and is at least six foots tall. This man has godlike, handsome, perfect features. His charm black eyes are sharp although he is actually smiling. Standing so casually with long, straight legs, there is still a sense of aggressive aristocracy.

Nina think to herself that why does this president look familiar to her?

But then she shakes her head and denies the illusion. He is the top plutocrat president and she is just a small person in a poor family, how can she know about him?

With an evil smile on his face, Lucien gray walk further to Nina, says, "How about my card? Is it useful?"

There is a tremendous amount of pressure and Nina takes a cold breath. It was him! It is the man at the rainy night! Anger flares up again. Her little chest heaves up and down with anger, but it just gets the man's glimpse.

"Lucien!" Says Sulia softly.

"Well?" Lucien Gray responds. But his eyes remains fixed on Nina Morrison.

His sharp eyes seemed to pierce Nina's uniform. She feels a little embarrassed and hold her arms tightly. She hates this man! Self-righteous! Overbearing! Just because he is rich!

As soon as Lucien Gray appears in the restaurant, he attracts a lot of eyes, especially those of the girls. Some think that Sulia is with Lucien Gray! "No wonder she has been so popular lately! It is easy to be success as she has Gray's group to back her up!"

Sulia is enjoying the satisfaction of the envy of the crowd. When she turns her head, she finds Lucien Gray's eyes are not on her! Follow Lucien Gray's eyes. What! He has been looking at this waitress!

Sulia looks up and down at Nina. Her body is wrapped in a uniform so she could not see her figure. The skin is indeed white and clear, but the facial features are just fine. It is not some amazing beauty!

A sudden surge of disdain rise in her heart, but her voice is more soft and sweet than ever. She says, "Lucien, you know this waitress?"

Sulia specially said the word "waitress" louder, and she stares at Nina with deep contempt in her beautiful eyes which drew delicate eyeliner.