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Chapter 10 New Lover

Looking at Sulia's hostile eyes, Nina thinks the president of Gray's is a real bad sign. If you meet him, nothing good will happen at all.

Why would Sulia do this to her? She is just doing her job and don't want to mess with anyone!

Glaring at Lucien with hatred, Nina quickly dismisses the relationship with Lucien, "No, No, No! I do not know Gray and I have never met him!" She does not want anything to do with this man, this egomaniac!

Lucien's eyebrows are raised slightly and his dark eyes narrows dangerously. Any woman in the world would want to fawn on him. He is so disgusted by the little woman today!

Is this a hard-to-get trick? Lucien stares at Nina's limpid eyes and raised his eyebrows, says, "I did not expect to see you again so soon."

"What are you talking about, sir? I don't understand!" Nina stealthily moves her body to escape from him. He is so tall and the pressure makes her feel difficult to breathe. She hates cocky men!

Lucien, with his hands around his chest, looks at Nina's little movement with ease and suddenly has an interest in teasing her. Stolidly blocking Nina's way with his body and says, "Don't understand? Then how do you know my last name is Gray?"

Who cares if your last name is Gray or Charles? Get the hell out of here! Do not stop me from working and making money! Nina almost blurts these out. Saying these in her mind, her eyes look down softly, pretending to be innocent. She just wants Lucien and Sulia to continue to flirt with each other and stop teasing her!

Feeling that Lucien Gray's behavior is abnormal, Sulia is much desire to catch Lucien Gray's eye. She cannot stand sitting here when Lucien Gray is interested in other women! Besides, the woman is just a little waitress.

"Can't you see my glass is empty?" Sulia points to her empty glass, stares at Nina, and looks up and down at her tattered sneakers.

Hearing Sulia's words, Nina Morrison quickly picks up her pitcher and gives her a refill. She is a waitress. It is her job to serve guests. Even the guest is hostility and contempt.

Nina feels her movements stiffened under Lucien's gaze. This annoying man! What are you looking at? Have not you ever seen waitress pour water for a guest?

With her stiff hands and feet filling Sulia's glass with water, Nina Morrison finally breathe a sigh of relief. Soon she will to change the table with Jennie. She does not want to serve them anymore!

Just as Nina turning to go, Sulia says in a cold voice, "Pass me the glass!"

Nina carefully hands the glass to Sulia. Before she could let go, Sulia pulls it on purpose and the glass fall to the floor.

"Bang!" A crisp slap comes up. The smile on Sulia's face disappeared and she slaps Nina in the face!

"How do you serve your guests? You have ruined my dress! "

"Do you know how expensive my dress is? You can't afford to it even work here for three years!"

The sudden slap in the face freezes Nina Morrison!

Sulia grabs Lucien Gray's arm and says coquettish, "Lucien, look at her, she gets my skirt dirty! Take me to buy a new one later!"

Lucien gray give Sulia a stolid look, with a gleam in his eyes that she could not understand.

Sulia panics. Lucien seems not to be himself today. What was so special about this waitress?

No, she can't let that happen! She is Lucien Gray's new lover, and her throne is not warm yet! How can this little woman take it from her!