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Chapter 11 She Bullies Me

Sulia's eyes gleam malevolently. Her cool face raises, looks at Nina superciliously and says, "How dare you, a waitress, stain the guest's clothes without even showing any apology?"

Nina's pale face is flushed and her fists are clenched. The situation is deadlocked.

Sulia has wanted to put Nina Morrison down in front of Lucien Gray, but the little girl refuses to give in and stares at her, hardly look down upon her!. Feeling angrier, Sulia beats the table fiercely, "Get the lobby manager here!"

Sulia's movements draw a lot of attention from the rest of the restaurant, and the people cast curious glances.

Lucien Gray, who is still holding his chest in his relaxed arms, stands idly with his long legs. As if he is waiting for a show.

He is aware of Nina's temper. She is just a little hedgehog! Now she must want to have a big fight with Sulia and walk away.

Most of the guests of Prague Restaurant are rich and the requirements for waiters are very high. One will be dismissed immediately upon complaint.

Nina nibbles at her pale lips. This is the highest paid one among her three jobs. If she is fired, what is she going to do about dad's medical bills? The corners of her mouth are almost bloodshot, and Nina spoke with difficulty, "Sorry, it is my fault. Please forgive me."

Lucien Gray raises his eyebrows and wonders at Nina's groveling.

"Forgive you? Sure! I have spent more than six thousand dollars for this dress. You can buy me a new one!" Sulia glances proudly at Lucien. This waitress is an ugly duckling who is not worth looking at. How can you compare to her to me?

A dress for over six thousand dollars? Nina suddenly stares wide her limpid eyes! This woman is too vicious! It is just a few drops of soda, and she wants her to pay for a new dress? She spilled the water on purpose on her own!

Lucien Gray's eyes become more playful. The show is getting better and better and he wants to see how the little woman could cope with Sulia.

Looking up at Lucien Gray's playful glance, Nina's feelings of grievance and irritation all turns into monstrous rage!

These rich and powerful people just like to make fun of little guys like her, right? Right! Do not blame her for being rude!

Nina clenches her fist and gets rid of her humble and apologetic face. Her voice is clear and firm, "Miss Sulia, I can surely buy you a same new dress!"

What? Lucien and Sulia are both surprised. Seeing how shabby the little girl's shoes are and how poor she looks like, how could she say that she could afford a $6000 dress?

Seeing Lucien Gray and Sulia's ineffable surprise, Nina raises her voice and flickers her eyes, "Now that I will pay for a new dress, this dirty dress is mine, isn't it?"

"Well, of course it is yours..." Sulia has no idea what this little girl is doing!

Lucien slightly picks the corner of his mouth, and a clear smile quietly emerged. His deep eyes also reveal a few praises. It is not that obvious that this little girl, although having a stubborn temper, still have a bit of wit!

"Well, take off this dirty dress and give it to me now!" Nina says loudly.

"Ah? I... You...!" Sulia knows she has fallen into the trap of Nina. She points her finger at Nina Morrison, being so angry that she could not speak!

"Lucien! She bullied me!" Sulia purses her lips, leaning against Lucien Gray's arms, pointing at Nina Morrison with one hand and shaking Lucien's arm with the other, "Lucien! Say something! Look what she is doing to me!"