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Chapter 12 Hurriedly


Everybody in the restaurant looks this way.

"That is enough!" A deep male voice snaps back Sulia's chatter.

Sulia's watery eyes suddenly become desperate. Something like this had happened before, but Lucien had never stopped her. She is Lucien's favorite of many lovers. But today he did that just for a poor waitress!

"Lucien, you..." Sulia does not give up. She tightens Lucien Gray's arm.

Lucien looks at Nina with black eyes and shows an inscrutable smile. Nina feels uncomfortable and wants to get out of here as soon as possible. The man is too dangerous and the air around him is too oppressive--even with a smile on his face, the atmosphere is cold.

But Lucien Gray blocks her just in the way.

"President Gray, excuse me please. I am going to do my job." Nina pulls out a professional smile and says politely. But there is no humility in her eyes.

Suddenly, her jaw is seized by Lucien Gray's big hand! Shit, this is happening again! The pain feels so familiar. On that rainy night he squeezed her jaw so mercilessly that her jaw had been bruised for days!

Nina takes a cold breath because of pain. She is furious. Should the poor be bullied? Why should she be insulted and abused for no reason?

She stares with a pair of large clear eyes coldly at Lucien's.

"Let go!" The voice is calm and unemotional.

"Woman, are you giving me orders?" Lucien's palm tightens. Looking at Nina's pale but unbent face, he flashes a few anger in his heart. This woman never knows how to admit defeat! Must you be so stubborn? Woman, you better be nice!

"I will say it one last time! Let go!" Nina is holding on but her patience is running out.

"Well? Don't forget that I am a guest. It is best to speak to me politely." Lucien's voice flows proudly over her head and the strength of her palm does not diminish!

Nina Morrison thinks her jaw is going to be crushed!

The last shred of patience is faded away. Nina raises her knee and runs her full strength between Lucien Gray's legs!

"Hiss!" Lucien takes a cold breath and looks at Nina with astonishment! How dare someone kick him in here!

Nina takes the opportunity to escape Lucien's clutches and quickly retreats to safety. Her little face is filled with a triumphant smile, "President Gray, I forgot to tell you that I have a black belt of Taekwondo!"

Lucien's face is clod and his dark eyes are filled with anger. Nina could not help but shudder.

"Lucien!" With a scream, Sulia throws herself at Nina's face and says, "You are such a mean woman! I will tell your manager to fire you!"

Nina smiles, quickly unbuttons her lace apron and throws it briskly on the table. She pats her hands in a happy mood and says, "Whatever! I quit now!"

Nina turns around and throws a defiant smile at Lucien. She runs away while Sulia is busy with showing care for Lucien Gray. If Lucien catches her, her jaw will break for sure!