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Chapter 13 Live Well Is Fine

Nina Morrison breathes a sigh of relief as she storms out of the restaurant. Fortunately, she has practiced long distance running. Otherwise, being caught by this bossy man will be miserable! This is not going to have a happy ending.

The night wind blows on her body, and it's cool and comfortable. Nina takes a deep breath of fresh air and her beating heart slowly subsides. How long has it been since she has seen the view of the night in this city? She cannot remember.

Since her father, Barry Morrison, was ill in bed, she has been very busy. She has classes during the day and three jobs at night. She often gets home at dawn.

Thinking of father, Nina is filled with chagrin. Nina Morrison, why are you so impulsive? Why do you have to deal with that kind of woman!

This job at the Prague Restaurant is the best paid one. How can you give up easily because someone is a little mean to you?

What about dad's medical expenses? Stepmother Doris Lauren has secretly started dates for herself to find a way out. Sister Grace is a model. Although the salary is very high, she spends too much money and can barely afford her own spending. All the economic pressure is on Nina Morrison.

But now, she lost this job!

That Lucien Gray is to blame! President? What a loser! Finding such a shallow woman, he is just an arrogant pig!

Nina frowns grimly, cursing Lucien in her heart.

Well, now she needs another part-time job, or she will not be able to cope with her father's daily medication. Nina looks around the street, hoping to see some job advertisement in the buildings.

Suddenly, her eyes suddenly stare!

There is a black car parked on the street. With the car windows open, a young man is sitting in the driver's seat. He wears a white shirt, and has a handsome face. His bright and black eyes are looking intently at the traffic lights on the road. Slim fingers are against the window, which are white and clean.

Nina shudders. Tears rolls down from her eyes and her hands presses against her mouth so that and she could not cry.

It is him! It is Troy Roger, her senior! Why is he here? After her father broke down, in order to escape the creditors, the family moved to C city. Her mobile phone was lost and she has never heard from him ever since. How does he show up in C?

Nina thinks her heart is going to stop. She stares at the man in the car for a while before she gets herself back again and runs madly toward the car.

It is too late. The green light is on and the black car starts, driving away like a flying arrow.

"Troy! Wait for me! Troy!" Nina, ignore the astonished eyes of passers-by, runs after the car, waving her hands. Her pale face is filled with tears.

It's been three years since her moved, and she couldn't believe she can meet him again.

Troy Roger. His appearance has not changed much. He is handsome and elegant as in the past. All these years, he must have been fine, right?

He is the only son of the grand mayor. It is natural that he is better off than a broken-down daughter of a declining family....

That is good. That is really good.

He is fine... and she is glad to hear that.

The street lights lost their color in a flash. Nina lets the tears run down her face. Her steps are like walking on cotton. Every step she takes, it has become harder.