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Chapter 14 Inform Creditor

Lucien Gray, inside the Lamborghini, watches the sad scenes on the street. Nina's screaming and her heart-wrenching expression makes him very curious.

Lamborghini speeds up, catching up with the black car in front. Lucien takes a sidelong glance. The lights are too dim, he can only vaguely see a man, who is white and has gentle appearance, sitting in the car.

Oh? Nina Morrison likes the guys like that? For some reason, Lucien Gray's heart is a little uncomfortable. What does Nina Morrison have to do with this guy?

He picks up his cold lips slightly. Lucien steps on the gas and the Lamborghini gets pass the black car immediately.

Feeling a little stuffy, Lucien Gray opens the window and the cool night wind comes in. The car phone rings.

"I am sorry, I will never do this again. Forgive me! Lucien" On the phone, Sulia's voice is soft and delicate, full of grievances and apologies.

Lucien raises his eyebrows. This woman, it is time to get rid of her.

"Lucien! Why do not you talk? Do not be angry. Are you staying at the villa on the hill tonight? I will be there for you and I am sure you will be well served." She is very confident in her sexual skills. She knows all the arts in bed!

"Give the keys of the villa to John. After that, don't come closer to my place anymore." Lucien says softly. But his voice is with irresistible majesty, which is as cold as the most ruthless evil.

"Lucien! How can you be so heartless! I love you, I really love you!" Sulia begins to cry as she feels the situation is not good. After all, where could she find such a powerful, generous man again?

"A check for 700,000 dollars, a 200 meters square oceanfront garden villa, and a new Porsche." Lucien's tone is a bit impatient and he wrinkles his handsome eyebrows slightly. He hates the nagging women.

"Lucien... I... Okay. I see." Sulia, who was going to get into a little more trouble, decides to leave him alone. Lucien is rich and she has got enough! She will have a good life for the rest of her life.

No wonder all the women are scrambling to get into his bed. He is not only handsome and rich, but also generous! These women, who had been with him, without exception, received generous gifts.

He is surely a man that women can't resist and a man she will never forget.

The car phone rings again.

"President, I have got the information you want. Nina Morrison, 19 years old, 5.2 feet tall and 47.5kg in weight. She is a second year student at T university studying journalism. Her father, Barry Morrison, used to be the boss of Shiny Jewelry, which went bankrupt. Barry Morrison became ill and the family moved secretly to C city to get out of debt." Ryan says in humble reverence.

"Get out of debt?" Lucien Gray's dark eyes show a small flame.

"Yes, sir. According to my research, Nina Morrison is currently doing three jobs to help her father pay off his debts."

Lucien's sharp, thin lip curls and says, "Does she have a boyfriend?"

"Oh, never heard of that. She has been working part-time since she got into school. She should not have time for a boyfriend."

"Notify all creditors of Shiny Jewelry about Barry Morrison's current address."

"Yes, sir."

"Inform banks and pawnbrokers that they will not accept any mortgage or pawn from the Morrison family."

"Yes, sir."