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Chapter 15 Ignore


Nina has a dream, in which she returned to her hometown and high school campus, where Troy's white shirt was so bright in the sun. He is so tall and proud, with clean white tooth and a bright smile, said to her, "Nina, run, or we will be late!"

Nina wakes up. It is almost 7: 30 and she has class this morning. It takes more than 20 minutes to get to school. She must hurry or she will be late!

Nina gets up at the speed of light, brushes her teeth, washes her face, puts on her white, blue dress, grabs her bag and runs to school. She would rather live in a shantytown house in order to save the money for her room at school.

A long line has lined up in front of the station. Nina sighs and stands at the end of the line. Suddenly she remembers the words of Troy in her dream, "Nina, run, or we will be late!"

Yeah, her life has been running ever since dad's business went bust. Run! Run! Whatever she does, she must do her best.

She takes all the courses she could. She has three jobs after school. She is too tired but can't have a rest. She is no longer the daughter of Morrison that makes people envy. By only running, she will not be overwhelmed by the burden of life.

If I see you again, Troy, will you know me?

Nina murmurs in her heart. Her bright eyes are covered with a thin layer of water mist. Her senior Troy, will he still remember her?

Shaking her hair and putting all this sadness to the bottom of her heart, Nina Morrison tells herself that she cannot be vulnerable. Thinking of her sick father lying in bed, she is not allowed to have the slightest vulnerability!

The bus has not showed up and Nina stamps her feet in anxiety. The two classes in this morning are very important. She heard that the tutor invited his favorite students, for their comprehensive journalism practice. This is a very rare opportunity. How can she be late!

"Beep." There is the sound of a car horn around. Oh, it is probably she is in someone's way. Nina Morrison moves quickly, still keeping her eyes for the bus.

"Beep." The car horn rings again. Nina frowns, looking down where she standing. She is not blocking anyone's way. And this is a bus lane. How can a private car drive in here? Tiptoeing with carelessness, she is anxious as the ants on the hot pot, only looking forward to the bus to show up quickly.

"Beep..." The horn of the car is still ringing! What is so great about having a car? As she mutters to herself, Nina Morrison turns her head without patience and says, "I am not in your way!"

The window of Lamborghini falls slowly. Lucien Gray holds the steering wheel in one hand and rests the other hand on the window. His eyes are shining and he smiles.

Nina is frozen for three seconds and she responds right away. The best way to deal with people you hate is to ignore them!

Turning her head around, Nina just ignores Lucien. She continues to line up for her bus. She does not even give him a glimpse.

Lucien's thick eyebrows are crumpled. This little woman just ignored him! No one ever did this to him! She should really have a lesson!

Lucien drives the car to her, reaches out and opens the passenger door. His voice is cold, "Nina Morrison, get in the car!"

How does he know her name? Nina looks back in surprise. Her clear eyes are filled with curiosity.

In the morning light, her white face and a pair of dark eyes are especially bright. Her pink mouth opens slightly because of surprise, with baby like innocence.