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Chapter 16 Free Driver

This little woman is really pure and innocent. Everything she is thinking is writing on her face.

Lucien's eyes could not help smiling. He raises his eyebrows and says, "Nina Morrison, you are going to be late if you do not get in!"

"Ah?" Nina widens her watery eyes! How does he know she is going to be late!

Nina's expression leaves Lucien in a good mood. With a little smile and his long arm stretching, he drags Nina straight into the car.

"Hey, what are you doing? Let go of me!" Nina struggles with terror.

"Shh!" Lucien buckles her seat belt and steps on the gas. The Lamborghini speeds up.

"You are insane! Put me down!" Nina's face turns red out of anger while she shouts.

Lucien shrugs lightly and says, "Are not you rushing to class? I will just drop you off."

"Who wants your ride? Let me off the car or I will jump!" Nina Morrison wants to unfasten her seat belt. What a jerk this man is for using his strength against woman! Nina Morrison despises men who bully women by brute force!

Damn this seat belt! She can't find the button!

Lucien raises his lip when he sees Nina's distraught look and says, "It's in vain! This car has been modified by me. No one can unfasten the seat belt except me!"

"You... pervert!" Nina does not even bother talking to him. She just leans over the wide, comfortable seat. Since there is a free driver, it is better to enjoy than resist!

"East Sinan road, in front of T UIniversity's Lightening Building." Nina closes her eyes and directs Lucien Gray. She is so tired. She has been dreaming for a whole night. Her eyelids are heavy.

It is Lucien Gray's turn to be speechless. This... this little woman has changed too much. Just now she did not want to take his car and now she begins to take him as a driver to command!

"What is the matter? Don't you mean to take me to school?" Nina opens her left eye facing Lucien--she is so sleepy that she does not bother to open two eyes if she could open one.

At last Lucien Gray could not help laughing when he catches a glimpse of Nina Morrison in the rear-view mirror.

"Nina Morrison, do you have any idea what you look like?"

"You don'tlike it? Then let me out!" Nina responds as soon as possible.

"It is the motorway and we can't park here." Lucien drops these lines and stops talking to Nina. He is going to have a class at T University in a minute and he is going to go over his speech in his head.

For a moment there is silence in the car.

The car is moving smoothly and any vibration can hardly be felt. Nina closes her eyes. Her eyelids are heavy but she could not sleep. The tumultuous dreams rushes back into her mind.

In spring, in the playground, Troy Roger wears number 3 jersey. After a beautiful 3-point shot, he smiles at Nina. Suddenly, the world is quiet, only that bright smiling was shining.

At night, under the light of the lamp, Troy Roger came from behind and patted her back briskly, "Nina, no hunchback!" Nina, who used to be a little hunchbacked, has always had a straight back since Troy Roger reminded her. Even when her father's company went bankrupt and she wore a shabby dress that was cheap and insulting, her back was always straight!

Troy... Nina suddenly grows sour in her eyes. She closes her eyes so tightly that tears will not flow out. Nina is trying so hard that her heart is in pain.