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Chapter 17 Encounter


Sensing something, Lucien Gray turns to look at the little girl next to him.

Her eyes are closed tightly and her pale little face is with a painful despair. Snow-white teeth firmly bite the pink lips, almost to ooze blood.

What is going on? Why is her face so sad? Lucien released a palm and pokes Nina's pale face with his index finger.

"What are you doing? It hurts!" Nina is brutally stabbed by Lucien Gray and screams. As soon as her eyes opened, tears roll down her cheeks.

Nina flusters away her tears. She does not want to be seen by the man next to her about her sadness.

Lucien frowns his thick eyebrows and says, "What are you crying about?"

"None of your business!" Nina wipes away her tears, turns her head to the right and pretends to focus on the view outside the window.

Troy is the deepest secret of her heart and she would not share it with anyone.

It is the red light. Lucien Gray reaches out with a palm. Nina's jaw is clenched and her head is crudely turned to Lucien's side.

A pair of deep black eyes focuses on her still some red ones.

"Tell me, what are you crying about?"

"I am crying for my bad luck, meeting someone so unreasonable like you! I am sad about my own destiny!" Nina sneers angrily. This violent maniac, who does he think he is!

Lucien is so angry with Nina that his big hands are about to add up strength. Then he sees Nina's wet face and suddenly his heart is softened.

Her thin lips are squeezed and his hands pull back with suppressed rage. He slams on the brakes. Lucien Gray's movements leave Nina Morrison with a wobbly center of gravity and her head is knocked on the window, which hurts a lot.

Not knowing what button is pressed, the seat belt is automatically released. The door is opened and before Nina Morrison has any response, Lucien Gray has left her on the busy street.

Without a word, Lucien's Lamborghini leaves.

Nina rubs the red jaw that is pinched by Lucien Gray. Mad man! Nina murmurs in her heart. This man is really the type of crazy. He picked her up and left her on the street all by his will. The world is not all belong to him! She is not his pet! It is so infuriating.

Waving her fist at the far-away Lamborghini, Nina looks at the time on her cell phone. It is too late! She is really going to be late!

Nina, panting and running, almost breaks her leg before she arrives at the classroom before the bell rings.

Far away she sees her friend Lily Bell waving to her in her seat.

"Nina, over here!" Lily saves her seat right in the middle of the front row. Nina and Lily are both diligent and good students. They take their classes seriously.

"Lily, thank you!" Nina smiles gratefully at Lily. Thanks to her, she could have such a good place.

"Nina, why did you run to breathless?" Lily says. Nina's little face is flushed with sweat on her nose after running. Lily hands her a packet of tissue thoughtfully.

"Don't mention it! It has been a bad day. I have run into a mad man!"

Her words are not even finished when the students around applause. Professor Leo comes in with a tall man. This should be Professor Leo's favorite disciple, who is specially invited to their class today.

Nina looks at the man with admiration. At this look, she almost jumps out of her seat!