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Chapter 18 I Am A Beast

The man wears a black suit, dark blue shirt, a blue tie and thick hair. He has a pair of deep dark eyes. Well, this is Lucien Gray!

Nina stares at Lucien Gray in astonishment and can't speak a word.

"Hey, Nina! What are you doing? You can't move your eyes when you see the handsome guy, can you?" Lily says with a smile.

Just as Professor Lee raises his hand to signal and the class is quiet. The sound of Lily sounds loud in silence and everyone looks at Nina Morrison.

Nina tries to shrink under the desk to reduce her sense of existing. Her eyes peep through the drooping hair toward Lucien Gray.

Shit! Lucien Gray is staring at her with intense eyes and a half-smiling expression on his lips.

Well, now that he knows it, she doesn't have to hide.

Nina resigns, raises her head and her clear eyes, and stares boldly at Lucien Gray. She is not afraid of him!

Lucien Gray smiles more as he receives a demonstrative look from Nina. Nina Morrison, we meet again!

What Lucien Gray has said on the podium, Nina Morrison, who has been studying so hard, does not hear a word.

It is not because girls whisper everywhere around her, "Wow, this Mr. Gray is so handsome!" "Yes, he is so talented! What a good speech! He knows more than Professor Lee!"

It's because that when Lucien Gray says a sentence, he looks at Nina's side. His eyes are so sharp that Nina Morrison felt a great deal of pressure even if she is sitting behind a desk several meters from him. That is the look in the eye of a fierce beast that finds its savory prey.

Hold on! I can take it! Nina lowers her eyes and stops confronting him.

Holding a pen in her hand, she scribbles unconsciously on the paper. Suddenly, an idea comes to her mind.

With a bad laugh in her face, Nina Morrison draws four comic strips in her notebook.

A fierce wolf in a black suit, a dark blue shirt and a blue tie, is standing on the platform talking. The wolf's face is Lucien Gray's face.

Nina learned drawing. Lucien Gray's defiant eyes are so vividly portrayed that the wolf is clearly Lucien.

The wolf's face is solemn but head circle written these words, "Huh, ignorant little girls, you are all attracted by the handsome appearance of mine? Ha ha, you have no idea that I am actually a monster!"

Most ludicrous of all is that the wolf's untidy hair is painted with a big pink bow by Nina Morrison. Nina also puts on a three-point swimsuit for this unruly wolf, with her boisterous, gruesome gesture and her prim, gruesome face. It is so funny to look at.

Nina looks at Lucien Gray, the talkative guy on the stage, and the wolf, who is covered with mixed elements on the paper. Lucien, on the stage, sees Nina looking at him, smiling again and again. It looks like she is planning something bad. He secretly mutters, "What is this girl doing? Is there something dirty on my face?

The president of Gray, who has always been so free and never cares anyone's opinion, is a little confused.

When class is over, he must ask the girl about it! Lucien Gray, glancing at Nina Morrison who still laughing, suddenly feels powerless.