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Chapter 19 The

Meaning of Boar

The long lesson is finally over.

Nina breathes a sigh of relief. Her small white face is filled with laughter and a pair of pearly big eyes nifty looking at Lucien Gray. Bye! Wolf ~

Lucien Gray glances at Nina, who is making a face at him as she mutters something to the girl next to her. He knows she is speaking something bad about him. His dark eyes show strong desire of conquering. Little girl, you have it coming!

"Mr. Gray! Just a moment, please!" Suddenly a group of students with recording pens come to the door.

Lucien Gray, with his eyebrows raised and his hands in his pockets, stands tall and straight with long legs and looks down at the leading girl.

"Mr. Gray, we are from T university news agency. We would like to interview you. Could you give us half an hour?" The leading girl looks sweet, with a confident light on her face. She is the most popular girl of the news agency.

"Interview me?" Lucien Gray's thick eyebrows furrows slightly. He has an important meeting to attend and does not have time for a bunch of little girls playing games.

"Yes! Mr. Gray, you are the man of the time. It is rare of you to come to the University of T to give lessons to the younger mentees. Please accept our invitation!" She is starting to get a little confused. Her beauty does not seem to work for Lucien Gray.

With his eyes turned, Lucien Gray sees Nina Morrison slipping out of the classroom with her notebook. There is a smile shows on the corner of his mouth and his long fingers points to Nina Morrison. "I accept, but I will only be interviewed by her."

"Ah?" The beautiful girl is shocked and turns to Nina Morrison. Who is this? How could he ask for her?

Nina, who is hurrying out with Lily, is surrounded by classmates from news agency.

"Please, Mr. Gray will only be interviewed by you. Please do us a favor."

"We have already prepared the questions. Just follow the script and ask Mr. Gray."

Being not able to resist a group of people bombing begging, Nina has to accept an interview with Lucien Gray.

All right! Just an interview! How dare Lucien Gray do anything to her in broad daylight? Nina's tiny head is raised and looks defiantly at Lucien. He is just a wolf! She is not Little Red Riding Hood and she is not afraid of him!

Lucien Gray's dark eyes show a small flame and he thinks, "Little one, I've got you this time!"

"She is the only person I am going to have this interview with and the rest of you can leave." Says Lucien Gray faintly. He is not used to being surrounded by a bunch of chatty little girls. The noise makes his head ache.

Of course, he will not admit that he just wants to be alone with her.

The crowd disperses. Nina stands in front of Lucien Gray with the recording pen that someone put in her hands. What is the matter? She is the only one left in the classroom with Lucien Gray.

Lucien, with a deep laugh in his throat, reaches up with his palm and casually lifts Nina's jaw.

Nina's 5.2 feet height is too short for him. Her momentum is much weaker in no time.

But Nina Morrison obviously does not realize the situation. She just puts Lucien's claws away from her face.

"Lucien Gray, please show some respect. This is the school!" Her voice is cold and her clear water eyes glares angrily at him. It shows "no aggression" on her face.

Lucien thinks it is getting more and more funny. He just likes to watch the girl get angry.

Shrugging his shoulders, he sits idly. His long legs lift comfortably. A pair of deep eyes looks at Nina playfully.

"Is this not an interview? It is time to start." Busy as he is, Lucien does not mind giving Nina a few more minutes.

Nina's jaw is still warm on his fingers. With her big eyes shining, she pretends to open the tape and hand it to Lucien Gray.

"Mr. Gray, do you know what a boar means?" Asks Nina Morrison gravely.

"Well?" Lucien's eyes lit up. What is this little girl doing?

"A boar is a hog in need of sex all the time. Mr. Gray is knowledgeable and has a lot of women, but you do not understand this world?" Nina looks askance at Lucien Gray with her head cocked and with curious in her big eyes as if she is innocent.