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Chapter 20 Hot-tempered


Lucien suddenly snaps his eyes. No one ever dared treat him like this. Such a hateful word comes from her ruddy little mouth. Why she hates him so much?

Lucien Gray felt a lump in his chest and could not get it out.

Lucien stares at innocent Nina and sneers. His tall, straight body is closing in and he clenches her arms.

Feeling the danger, Nina Morrison struggles, "Let go of me! Or I will scream!"

Scream? She thought it was a threat? The little girl is not aware of the situation here.

Lucien's eyes were full of mysterious light and ready to devour her anytime.

Nina struggles harder, opening her mouth to call for help.

Just as her mouth opens, Lucien Gray bends his head and kisses her lips without a doubt.

Cold sweat drops from her forehead as Lucien Gray's palm moving everywhere on her body. The feeling of fear is accumulating.

This is the classroom. If anyone sees this, she is rather dead. The wise man is who knows about the situation. Being against him is totally digging herself a grave.

Nina softens her voice and pleads with him, "Okay, I was wrong. I should not scold you. Just leave me alone!"

"Leave you alone? How is it possible for a boar to stop easily?" Lucien's voice is shameless.

Nina Morrison is choked.

Nina is almost crying. Somebody help her! She was wrong. She overestimated the man's character. She thought that in the classroom at school, the man would at least have scruples and would not do anything to her.

The door of the classroom is knocked and a noisy voice comes from the outside, "Mr. Gray, have you finished?"

Nina, who seems to have got her last hope, shouts, "We are done! Come on in!"

At the moment the door is opened, Lucien Gray throws Nina Morrison out. After all, this is his mother school. Professor Lee is worth some respect. Or Nina Morrison is doomed today!

As soon as she is free, Nina, unable to pick up the recording pen and her notebook, rushes outside the classroom.

Lucien Gray picks up the notebook left on the table after sending away the news agency's students. He opens it casually and Nina's cartoon catches his eyes.

"Huh, ignorant little girls, you are all attracted by the handsome appearance of mine? Ha ha, you have no idea that I am actually a monster!" In the cartoon, Nina's handwriting is so strong that it is not like a little girl's writing at all. It is just like her stubborn character.

Lucien Gray laughs. This game seems more and more funny! This naughty girl fits his appetite!