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Chapter 21 Shameless Means

Nina trails home and hears a sob in the house.

"Nina! Save us!" Seeing Nina, her stepmother Doris Lauren falls upon Nina as if Nina is her last hope..

"Aunt Lauren, what is wrong? Why are you crying?" Nina Morrison asks. Doris Lauren and her daughter Grace are crying with red eyes.

"Your father's creditors somehow got our address and came to us to ask for repay, which must be paid by five o'clock this afternoon. If we don't, they would take your father to court and sell you and your sister to a bar to be whores!"

Doris Lauren hugs Grace and fondles her head.

"Nina, my modeling career just started and I just received a few ads, and a magazine cover offer. I can't go to the bar to work like that!" Grace pretends to be poor and says. Her eyes hid something bad.

"Aunt Lauren, sister, don't worry! I will try to come up with a solution." Nina's heart is in a state of flux. Dad's medical bills are not yet available and now we are approached by the creditors. She will have to find some more part-time jobs!

"Don't worry, there is a ready-made solution!" Grace hurriedly says and takes out a card. "Nina, creditors said that if you just take this note to Si Nan Road 27 and then we don't need to pay these debts!"

Number 27 Si Nan Avenue.

It is an old house full of ivy. It's unexpectedly that there is such an old house in urban district. Nina wonders that she has not noticed it before. Taking the note, she knocks on the mysterious door. No one answers, but the door opens automatically.

Nina feels a little nervous for some reason. She takes a deep breath and calms down. Then she lifts her foot up the steps of rosewood. The stairs are polished and the whole house is low-key expensive. She can see that the master has extraordinary taste.

"Is anyone there?" Nina's voice is tiny in the empty house.

Suddenly, there is a straight shadow appears at the top of the stairs. His tall body covers the windows of the incoming sunshine. Nina raises her head consciously.

She cannot see a man's face with the light on his back.

Nina yanks the note and says, "Excuse me, did you ask me to come to you with this note? You said to my sister that as long as I come to you, our debts will be written off. Is it true?"

A light smile slips out of the man's throat. It sounds familiar!

Nina frowns incredulously.

The man steps down the stairs at a leisurely pace. Nina Morrison feels a great deal of pressure! It is hot outside, but the house is a little cold in the shade. Nina squeezes the note. Her palms are sweating slightly.

As the man approaches her, his arrogant momentum made Nina Morrison suddenly reflect that he is Lucien Gray.

"Feeling surprised?" Lucien's voice is a little smug. He looks down at Nina with his hands in his pocket. There is a happy light in his eyes. My chili girl, you can't escape!

Nina's hands are clenched and her nails are deep in the flesh.

This despicable man! He uses such shameless means to force her!

With her clear, watery eyes widen, Nina Morrison speaks coldly, "Is it funny to bully a girl like this, Mr. Gray, big president? Do you believe I would tip you off to gossip magazine?"

"Ha-ha..." A deep laugh rings over Nina's head. Lucien Gray scoffs and says, "I can be very responsible to tell you that in C city, no magazine dare to publish my gossip!"