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Chapter 22 Worthless

Nina tries to escape but her feet are like trees with roots and she can't move.

Her mind is in a fierce struggle.

If she stays, it means she accepts all the unreasonable demands of this sick man.

Escape? No, no!

If she runs away, what would happen to her dad? What about Aunt Lauren and her sister? Her family will fall apart!

Thinking about this, Nina has the courage.

She raises her head firmly and smiles slightly at Lucien Gray.

"President Gray, what are your terms?"

"Be my mistress till I am tired of you." Lucien Gray's eyes do not even look at her, but looking out the window.

"You, you are a psycho!" Nina Morrison is going to turn around and leave.

"I will find the best hospital and the best doctor for your father. And I will make sure he will get well." The man's deep voice rings behind her.

Nina Morrison stops. She hesitates...

A scoundrel she hated so much wants her to be his secret lover. She would just slap him. But she hesitates.

His offer was too tempting. Dad's illness is really because they have no money to cured it all the time. If she could find a top-class hospital where the best doctors operates on him, Dad would be fine.

But the price of dad's recovery is selling her out!

Sell her to an animal...

"Figured out?" Lucien Gray stares at her stiff back and smiles. Women, they are all goods on the shelf. Nina Morrison is not an exception.

Lucien Gray walks over. His big, hot palm grips her body from behind, which is burning Nina Morrison.

Nina, who stares at the palm of his hand in front of her, wants to scold him back. But she does not push him away. It is 4: 50. She has ten minutes left to think about it.

Does she really have another choice?

She has lost her right to choose when her father's business went bankrupt and she had to walk home from a dozen stops after working to save two dollars.

Dignity? What is dignity as her dad is in bed? Once father was high spirits but now he only left a body, lying on the bed, unable to talk or move. What is the difference between him and a dead one?

Dignity is worth nothing in front of harsh life.

In order to cure her father, to sell her own body, which is no longer pure, is not a loss!

Her innocence was already destroyed at that night by that unknown man. What is the difference between losing her body once and ten times?

Troy . . . Nina Morrison suddenly remembers Troy's elegant face. And she feels a dull pain in the heart.

Troy Roger, who used to stand under the cherry tree in May, waited for her to after school. His smile was warmer than the spring breeze. He said, "Nina, grow up faster, and I will take you to the sea on your 18th birthday."

Troy Roger, once suddenly appeared like a god from heaven when the off-campus punks made a move on her. He beat them and made sure nobody can bully Nina Morrison. He was so polite a person. But to protect her, he would fight and willing to get school's record.

Troy... Nina's eyes suddenly blur. Tears that she holds for a long time finally fall at the moment. A heavy drop of tear, which slips in her mouth, tastes unusually bitter.