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Chapter 23 What Were You Shouting

Intense heartache accompany with tears comes up and is crushed by Nina Morrison with her lip bitten!

"I promise you." It is so hard to say that. Words have not fallen, tears have flowed like rain!

"What, being my mistress makes you so miserable?" Lucien Gray feels uncomfortable and says. His pair of bushy handsome eyebrows wrinkles tightly.

Nina Morrison bites her lip and does not want to talk to him. Now her heart is in such a mess that she has no mind to say anything to him.

Seeing Nina Morrison standing there in a blank, Lucien Gray steps to a table, opens a drawer, takes out a delicate phone and shoves it into Nina's hand.

Nina Morrison is shocked and subconsciously struggles.

"What are you doing?" Nina frowns and says, "I have a phone. Take it back!" Nina Morrison hands Lucien Gray that phone.

"You should have thrown that stupid phone away!" Lucien Gray walks over to the swivel chair. His tall, proud figure shows the most elegant lines and stretches out. "This phone has a GPS automatic location system. Wherever you go, I can locate you on my phone. So you have to take it."

Nina Morrison is a little angry. What is the difference between that and restraining her? She has decided to sell herself to him, but she is still a free woman, okay? What right does he have to forbid her?

Nina Morrison, with a cold face, slams the phone on the table. She stares at Lucien Gray with hatred in her pair of cold big eyes.

"So you don't want to keep in touch with me? So many women want it but they can't get it! Why are you so sentimental?" Lucien Gray frowns, being slightly angered by Nina's "indiscretion".

"When you go to bed at night, tie a fetter on your bed and your wrist then you will feel what I am feeling now and see if it is comfortable." Nina Morrison blushes with anger and says.

Lucien Gray raises his eyebrows and is about to say something. Nina turns and walks toward the door.

Her slender waist is suddenly clamped down and a cold wind brushes her cheek. Then and a strong sense of suffocation rises.

Nina Morrison bounces back. She does not expect her body cannot grasp the balance and suddenly hits the next bookshelf.

It is an open bookshelf crammed with books. Nina's body hit the bookshelf and several books falls off. A photograph floats out of a scattered page.

It is a yellowing old picture of a beautiful young girl. Nina is curious and wants pick it up. But she is chilled by Lucien Gray, "Stop!" Lucien Gray picks up the photo, wipes the dust off it and slowly clips it back into the pages. There seemed to be some sadness and anger in his eyes.

Nina Morrison wants to ask who the girl in the photo is. But Lucien Gray does not give her a chance to ask. He just lifts her up in the air!

"What are you doing? Get off me!" Nina suddenly realizes the vagueness of the gesture and began to struggle.

"What, you forget what we just agreed?" Lucien Gray pulls an evil smile from his mouth.

It comes in the end.

Staring at Lucien Gray with coldness, Nina Morrison straightens herself and says, "Don't touch me! I will walk by myself!"


Murmuring this warm name from the bottom of her heart, Nina feels her heart aches all over. Troy, will he forgive her for what she did today? Or he can't look at her with that sunny smile again?

"Are you afraid?" Lucien Gray makes a provocative remark. He tries to keep his voice steady. He does not know why this young girl has aroused all his desires. He has had a variety of women but he never been so nervous like today.

Lucien Gray's words inspired Nina Morrison.

Since it was decided, just do it! Come on, Nina Morrison, you just treat it as a dream. When you wake up, you are still that clean, pure, good girl who will be under the cherry tree with the best smile to Troy.

Taking deep breath again, she reaches out and slowly unbuttons her dress...

Lucien Gray's burning eyes are fixed on Nina Morrison. He feels his mouth and tongue dried.

She is so close to him, with her pink face. Her eyes are closed tightly. He sees her fear.

"Scared? My chili girl?" He gets close to her, breathes and says.

Some of the hot air sprays on her ear, which makes her shudder.

She feels dizzy...

All of a sudden, Troy's face suddenly appears in her mind. A deep tingling makes Nina Morrison whisper, "Senior Troy..." Her heartache is overwhelming and tears stream down.

Lucien Gray's movements suddenly stop! With his deep eyes fixed on her tearful eyes, he squeezes Nina's tiny jaw, "What were you yelling about?"