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Chapter 24 The Most Disgusting Thing

Nina Morrison opens her tear-soaked eyes and stares at Lucien Gray.

Seeing the ineffable pain and pallor in her eyes, in a split second, Lucien Gray knows everything.

There is another man lives in her heart!

A violent outburst of anger spread through Lucien Gray's body. He would never allow his woman to think about other men!

Who the hell is that man?

Lucien Gray's furious eyes are almost burning and become red. Nina Morrison, you are my woman. I will not allow you think of another man. Never!

As the fiery lips freeze, Lucien's angry thin lips rudely cover Nina's soft skin.

Nina instinctively tries to resist. But her hands are clenched by Lucien Gray's hard palm and pressed over her head. Her entire body is crushing on the grand piano!

Nina shut her eyes with resignation in the dark chaos. Pain! The intense pain makes Nina tremble all over! The painful memories of that night before a few days and at the dark room of the T.S Club cover Nina!

His invasion let that terrible nightmare haunt her mind again. Nina's tears roll down her face.

The man on her body suddenly stops his action. He grabs Nina's hair, stars at her with dark eyes and says, "Say it! Who did you give it to?"

Nina Morrison raises her eyes in pain. Her white face is flushed, "What are you talking about?"

The man's dirty eyes are even angrier and his big palm jerks her jaw, "Don't tell me this is your first time!"

Nina is stunned. This is not really her first time. Her virginity is madly plundered by that mysterious man at that night!

Nina's silence confirms Lucien Gray's suspicions.

He just heard her yelling about senior. This man should be the guy who took her for the first time! Lucien Gray suddenly feels that somewhere in his heart is getting sore. But he put forth his strength to fuck her!

Nina Morrison bites her lip hard as if it is the only source of strength she could draw.

With the ups and downs of the body, the piano is crushed out of confusion sounds. Sounds of percussion mixed with sharp or deep music impact heavily on her heart!

She becomes a cheap woman who betrays herself at last. She did the most contemptible, loathsome thing in her life!

Nina tries to ignore the tingling of her body. Now that she has chosen to sell herself out, she does not regret it.

This is a real world and there is no going back.

But under the cherry tree that year, Troy's smiling face is so clear in her mind.

With a warm smile like the warmest spring sunshine, it has been into her heart.

Even if she was trampled on in the uniform of a waitress, even if that her back would be sore from three jobs, as long as she thinks of that smile, she would feel a little sweet in all the suffering.

But now she is no longer entitled to that smile. This step is the cut of heaven and the abyss of eternal doom. From then on, she can never look back.

"Senior Troy, I am sorry..."