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Chapter 25 Exult

Late at night in the villa, fine crystal chandelier brings luxury bright.

Lucien Gray drinks down a glass of red wine with dark eyes like a dangerous cheetah.

He just had a bath. There are water drops just like crystal on his forehead and his hair. Then they fall on the white bathrobe. The front chest of his robe is half open. It has the mature man's unique flavor, proud and presumptuous.

The bathroom door quietly opens.

A seductive figure comes out. Her water tender face is a faint blush. Her eyes are full of worship to this man while looking at him on the leather sofa. He frowns like he is thinking about something.

"Lucien, why do you drink alone and not ask me for company?" the woman says deliberately in a seductive voice. She throws her arms around his neck.

Lucien Gray's face is so cold and forbidding that the whole person seems bloodthirsty. The woman smiles softly, holds out her white fingers and strikes Lucien Gray's eyebrows.

Lucien Gray frowns heavily. His thin mouth clenches. He puts downs the glass and scan the woman's delicate face with his cold eyes.

This face is very beautiful. The facial features are almost perfect. She can be the beauty that all men dream of.

But Lucien Gray is not in the mood to appreciate it at the moment. His brain is full of Nina Morrison!

Damn it! What kind of poison did he get?

All night, Nina's low-pitched "Senior" circles in his mind. Who is the man that she is thinking about?

While having sex with him, Nina Morrison was thinking about another man!

Nina's disdainful glance returns to him. A woman who had lost her virginity dared to despise him!

He does not think he is right or wrong to force her to sign the indentured deeds. Now, she has made a mess of his life!

Tonight, for example, he should have enjoyed himself. But now, he does not even want to look at the woman in front of him!

His life seems beginning to deviate from its original course! This state of affairs is terrible!

No, he cannot let this go on.

"What is your name?" Lucien Gray's voice is still cold, with a little impatient.

"Mr. Gray, my name is Rosie. I just told you. Have you forgotten?" The woman says with a delicate voice.

Lucien Gray shakes his head to get rid of Nina's shadow. Tonight, he is going to enjoy himself.

"Take off your clothes!" Lucien Gray proudly commands. There is no warmth in his eyes.

Rosie stops at once. After a second her heart begins to beat violently and goes into rapture. She was just a third-string star, and she wanted to climb the bed of Lucien Gray for a long time. Who doesn't know how rich Gray is. Besides, he is not only powerful but is generous to women!

Being able to spend the night with Lucien Gray, even if shecan't be a heroine in a movie he invests in, at least she can get a hefty sleepover!

Trying to suppress her excitement, the woman stands gracefully and undresses her bath towel slowly.